A TRAP Tantrum in Manassas

A Manassas City Council member has spent 6 years leading a big-government crusade for burdensome clinic regulations. Monday night, he’ll try again.


Playing Politics with Women’s Health

Two months ago, at the request of anti-choice legislators Bob Marshall and Ralph Smith, Attorney General Cuccinelli issued a legal opinion stating the Virginia Board of Health has the power to impose stricter regulations on first-trimester abortion providers. Fast forward to the end of September: the Manassas City Council, rather than dealing with pressing city…

40 Days of Intolerance

September 22, 2010, marked the start of “40 Days for Life,” an international anti-abortion campaign designed to harass women and end access to abortion.  The self-proclaimed “community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion” has taken place six times since 2007 and involves participants from all 50 states, Canada, Northern Ireland, Denmark, England…