Introducing Alyssa!

By Alyssa Seidorf, 2014 Advocacy & Communications Intern

Hello Virginia! My name is Alyssa Seidorf, and I am so thrilled to be working as a summer 2014 Advocacy & Communication Intern for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. I am a recent graduate of Virginia Tech where I spent my college years completely immersed in feminist activism. Working for gender equality and reproductive justice are passions of mine that I know I will dedicate the rest of my life to supporting.

Alyssa Seidorf, a new 2014 Advocacy & Communications Intern!

Alyssa Seidorf, a new 2014 Advocacy & Communications Intern!

My brand of feminism is about compassion, listening to others lived experiences, and working to make the world a more just place so that everyone might one day be respected, valued, and heard. As Hillary Clinton famously said, “Women’s rights are human rights”, and I am so excited to join forces with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia as they support legislators who understand and respect this while also working to block policies that undermine women’s safety and bodily autonomy. Virginians deserve better than TRAP regulations, ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’, and politicians who are out of touch with Virginian women and their families!

I am so excited to embark on this new adventure with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia to support work to ensure every Virginian has reproductive justice – access to a full range of healthcare options, comprehensive sex education, and the empowerment and means to raise (or not) a family at a time that is right for them. Advocacy to educate young people about their body and rights is one of the fundamental steps to ensuring our youth are equipped to make healthy reproductive health decisions, and I am so excited to start my first project to help get this vital information into their hands!

A TRAP Tantrum in Manassas

By: Michelle Kinsey Bruns, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation Board Member

Click for Facebook event and RSVP!In the last year, Virginia’s number of abortion clinics has dropped from 20 to 18, due to new regulations designed to be too tough to meet. In Manassas, one City Council member has spent the last six years leading a big-government crusade for these burdensome clinic regulations. Winning the restrictions he wanted at the state level last year hasn’t slowed Marc Aveni’s zeal for still more restrictions at the local level.

Next Monday, March 10, the Council will hold a re-vote that Aveni has forced on a question he lost by a 5-1 vote over a month ago: should Manassas single out clinics for fast-tracked zoning reclassification and special regulations requiring public hearings and a city council vote as a condition of operation?

Having failed to get his way, Aveni packed the last city council meeting with 100 clinic protesters to insist that the council re-do the vote, simply because he didn’t like its original outcome. We pro-choice people of conscience, from Manassas or elsewhere, need to be seen and heard in that council room on Monday night (RSVP on Facebook!), because the outrageous unfairness of a stunt-mob reversal of a finished vote doesn’t mean it can’t happen. There must be taxpayers who would like this council to accomplish something other than regulating pregnant people’s bodies, but those aren’t the people Aveni packed the chamber with last week.

Let’s back up. Aveni was first elected to Manassas City Council in 2006. Within the year, he proposed a resolution suggesting that the city amend its code to regulate its one abortion clinic, despite its lack of standing or technical expertise to do so. After the council was informed that medical regulation is a state function, Manassas’ fringey anti-choice Delegate Robert Marshall then suggested Board of Health regulation to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s office as a way around State Senate rebuffs of repeated House of Delegates attempts to restrict abortion access. In 2010, Cooch responded with, essentially, “that’s a fabulous idea!” And then there, again, was Marc Aveni, with a resolution of the City of Manassas’ support for greater state abortion regulations, over the objections of fellow City Council Republican Mark Wolfe. Wolfe called city involvement in the matter “inappropriate,” but his no vote was the only one.

Three years later, in June 2013, Cooch had reconfigured and threatened the state Board of Health into giving him the draconian regulations he wanted; the new rules went into effect; and the first clinic to fall to the new regulations closed its doors.

Game over, right? Anti-choice got its Virginia TRAP law. But they’re weren’t done. They’re never done.

A month later, the lone clinic in the city of Fairfax attempted to relocate to a new space more suited to the new state regulations. The Fairfax City Council not only denied the Fairfax clinic a permit because of concerns about the amount of parking at the site (…really). They also created, on a day’s notice, a new Special Use Permit designation for medical facilities, with broad exemptions that seemed to apply to everything except abortion clinics. The permit would cost $4800 and require public hearings and a City Council vote as a condition of operation.

Instead of relocating, the Fairfax clinic closed.

Fifteen miles away in Manassas, anti-choice crusaders took note.

On October 28, two longtime Manassas clinic protesters stood to speak against women’s access to reproductive healthcare during the public comment period at a City Council meeting. They’d done so dozens of times before, but this time, they went farther. They asked the Council to consider copying Fairfax’s new municipal clinic regulations. Zoning reclassification, special use permit, public hearings, council approval. In short: arbitrary, big-government, partisan and ideological roadblocks, not to just abortion but also a broad range of other safe, legal, and necessary reproductive health and related care.

Immediately, Councilman Aveni offered a motion to do what the protesters had suggested. The vote was unanimous. And most of the council meetings of 2014 so far have had from a few minutes to several hours devoted to this issue—which, remember, should have been rendered moot last year when Aveni got the onerous clinic regulations he wanted from the state.

It’s worth noting that the two clinic protesters and Aveni are all members of All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas. For bonus points, so is Delegate “Sideshow Bob” Marshall. The protesters have both been “leadership team” members of the Manassas outpost of the national 40 Days For Life clinic harassment project. Manassas 40DFL, in turn, has close ties to the “AAA Women for Choice” (…really) anti-choice crisis pregnancy center beside the Manassas abortion clinic, which is a personal favorite of Ken Cuccinelli’s, and where staff told a NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation undercover investigator in 2012 that contraceptive pills would give her breast cancer (spoiler alert: no). One of AAA’s “counselors” is something of a city council regular, as well. I got a taste of how far outside the mainstream this crew is at a January Land Use Committee meeting: as the committee met in closed session, the pair from 40DFL and the AAA “counselor” spent a full thirty minutes explaining to me in the hallway that my marriage is invalid because I don’t plan to have children, and having babies is my “fulfillment as a woman” (…really).

These extreme anti-women activists are not everyday citizens concerned with women’s health. In fact, they seem pretty tight with Aveni, based on a huddle I saw them all in during a break at one council meeting. With this cast of recurring characters, the nonstop legislative harassment of the city’s present and future abortion providers looks a lot like an extracurricular church project. That’s great idea for a parish potluck, but a really terrible idea for legislative policy or for public health misinformation.

The debate appears headed for a political and fiscal quagmire, despite signs that much of the Manassas council would prefer to move past Aveni’s abortion fixation, and get on with the work of the city. At the January 23 land use meeting, the committee voted to recommend not a singling-out of abortion providers, but a long-needed comprehensive zoning overhaul. And at the February 3 full council meeting, the vote was 5-1 to accept community development staff’s recommendation for the comprehensive overhaul. Council members Way and Randolph wanted staff’s assurance that the part of the comprehensive overhaul that would answer the medical use definition question around clinics could be finished by the end of the calendar year, but they got what they needed, leaving Aveni standing alone.

Aveni, though, was visibly unhappy to lose the vote. And it seems that’s when he went into another activist huddle. A call went out among 40 Days For Life protesters to pack the public comment period of the next meeting, to insist that clinics get stricter regulations right now. A hundred anti-choice clinic protesters lined up on February 24 to speak for hours, in a sneak attack of half-truths and muddled comprehension of the issue at hand. Then Aveni attempted to call a vote on their demands: a unilateral do-over of the February 3 vote! Council member Randolph moved instead ­that the council have two weeks to mull it over. That brings us to next Monday’s council meeting—where it is crucial that pro-small-government, pro-fiscal-conservatism, pro-women, and pro-choice Virginians show up to tell them not to be intimidated by Aveni’s gang of latecomers.

Vice Mayor Harrover writes on his personal blog, “I’ve no love of abortion but this process was already in place.  It’s what the Council voted on last time around. … This [February 24] motion would appear to pre-judge the outcome of staff and legal work.  That’s got potential to cause some remarkable legal headaches.” And: “Amazing we can find money in the budget for this but not parks & rec, redevelopment or economic development.  We’re the only locality in NoVa that has none of these things.  Yay Us!” Plus, as political blogger Ben Tribbett points out, there’s very real potential for Fairfax’s hasty zoning changes targeting clinics to take that city’s whole political process hostage. This is what Aveni wants for Manassas. That, and to have the personal power to overrule the autonomous decision-making of pregnant people with the same kind of arrogant bully tantrum that he pulled in insisting that City Council re-do a vote until the results suit him.

One in three American women will have an abortion in her life: that’s 1.4 million women in Virginia alone. With just 18 clinics left in the state, many of those women have gone to, or will go to, the Manassas clinic for their abortion care.

There is no guarantee that the comprehensive zoning overhaul that we want will avoid a bad outcome for the Manassas clinic or any future Manassas clinic. But we know Aveni’s rush-job, piecemeal attack will be bad. A Special Use Permit puts any clinic one city council vote away from a shutdown. And if Aveni can airlift a crowd into a council meeting to demand a revote on a zoning proposal, what’s to stop him from doing the same with a clinic closing proposal­­?

Aveni doesn’t get to keep on making up the process as he goes along. Join me on Monday night in Manassas to say that six years of legislative harassment is enough.

Cuccinelli gave big money to CPCs that lie to women

Unbelievable: An investigative report by Mother Jones just revealed that anti-choice gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has donated thousands of dollars to Virginia crisis pregnancy centers that lie to women.

While not entirely surprising coming from the man who has been one of the most anti-choice gubernatorial candidates Virginia has ever seen, this is still shocking. What’s worse, one of the CPCs Cuccinelli has supported is AAA Women for Choice, perhaps the most egregious CPCs in Virginia and a center that NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has heavily investigated over the past year.

In fact, we sent an undercover investigator into AAA Women for Choice this past summer – and what we found was shocking. Among other outrageous lies, the CPC staffer told Caitlin, our investigator, that condoms have holes, that birth control causes cancer, and that contraception is “enslavement”. Here are the highlights of her visit:

These lies are not unique to AAA Women for Choice. Our year-long investigation of 56  CPCs across the Commonwealth found that 71% lie to the women that walk through their doors, including spreading misinformation about birth control, sex, and abortion.  A full 18 centers told our investigators that abortion is linked to breast cancer, and 25 centers falsely reported a link  between abortion, infertility and pre-term birth.

It is outrageous that Ken Cuccinelli (who is now trying to pose as a “protector of women“) would support centers that blatantly attempt to deceive and manipulate Virginia women. Even scarier — does he actually believe these lies?

The women of Virginia deserve better than a governor who funds anti-choice organizations that deceive and mislead women. With election day  just two weeks away, we need your help to defeat Ken Cuccinelli at the polls!  Volunteer with us to ensure that we get out the pro-choice vote on November 5th!

Exposing Ken Cuccinelli’s “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Earlier this week, we published shocking new audio from Virginia “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs). The audio – recorded undercover at two Virginia CPCs – includes a CPC staffer not only spreading misinformation about abortion, but telling a woman that the birth-control pill causes breast cancer and that condoms “don’t work.” (Download the full audio from the two visits here and here.) Centers like these receive funding from a variety of sources including “Choose Life” license plates available through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli – whose anti-choice activism has helped shut down legitimate women’s health clinics across the state – has said he was the “proud sponsor” of the legislation behind the license plates when he served in the State Senate. Through our investigation of crisis pregnancy centers in Virginia, we’ve discovered more about their deceptive tactics, the misinformation they share, and how they’re forwarding an anti-choice agenda under the guise of providing support to women facing unintended pregnancy.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE: Our video and the findings of our investigative report has already been met with outrage and shock from members of the press and public across Virginia and the country.  Check out some of the coverage and conversation happening online below:

NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue also appeared on Politics Nation with Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss our findings and the threat from crisis pregnancy centers across the country.

We can defeat Cuccinelli, but we need an army to take him on. Add your name  so we can count you among the millions of Americans who don’t stand with Cuccinelli and his lies! 

Pro-Choice on Campus: Update from Virginia Commonwealth University

This fall 2012 semester at Virginia Commonwealth University has been an active one in terms of pro-choice advocacy and activism. It started off with a rally at the Virginia Board of Health on September 14th, to show Virginia legislators that won’t put up with this TRAP (Targeted Regulations for Abortion Providers). Despite our efforts, the Board voted to approve legislation that will greatly diminish access to abortion in the future, and because of this, VCU students are riled up and want to know more. As VCU campus intern for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, I reigned in that energy and answered many questions.  12th&Del

I spent the next month, before the voter registration cut-off date, talking to students about pro-choice representation and the power of the youth vote.  I teamed up with some of our campus’ social justice organizations that were tabling in the campus commons—while they were registering students to vote, I chatted with them about anti-choice laws in Virginia and in the nation.

In November, I held a documentary showing of 12th & Delaware, a documentary showing the hardships of women tricked into going into a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) across the street from an abortion clinic and of women trying to get into the abortion clinic, past the protesters from the CPC. After the showing, the many attendees’ questions were answered and a lively discussion was had about those who end up going to Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Virginia as a huge barrier to reproductive freedom.

Since VCU has a big art school and thriving art community, In December I created a gallery style infoshop in the Student Art Space in the student commons. Students, on their way to and from class or on their way to study for exams, popped in to see the display I had set up. Dangling frosafiya1m the ceiling, near the entrance of the art space, I printed out and hung stories of women facing barriers to abortion services in Virginia. On the wall hung the eleven common lies that Crisis Pregnancy Centers tell to women with unwanted pregnancies in order to convince them out of abortions. On pedastals throught the gallery, there were spreads of pamphlets and stickers from NARAL Pro-Choice’s #TruthFail campaign. Curious students were shocked by the outlandish lies of CPCs and touched by the real women’s stories. The info displayed in the info/art show provoked many great conversations about the realities of abortion access.

At the very end of the semester I wrote an opinion piece for the school newspaper, The Commonwealth Times. For the 2012/2013 school year, the student handbook/calendar had two advertisements of local Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Since CPCs prey on college-aged students, I let it be known that such ads are inappropriate and unwanted. My goal in writing the piece was to urge students and administrators alike to speak out against advertisements for fake clinics that could potentially jeopardize the health of VCU students.

This semester, as I worked to raise awareness of issues I am passionate about, I turns out I learned a lot myself. I learneCPCreadingd how easy it is to forget that while many are in the know about issues surrounding abortion access, many still aren’t. I learned how easy it is to engage people in a conversation about issues they might not know to be relevant to them. I learned how fun it is to work hard advocating for reproductive health and raising awareness about the barriers to abortion that exist regardless of law. As many consciousness-raising conversations as I had with other students on my campus, there is still much work to be done in the quest for true reproductive freedom.

We Have a New YouTube Channel—Check it Out!!!

By Brooke

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has a new YouTube Channel! Use it to stay up to date with all of our projects and events. In the last year we have exposed Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s War on Women, released videos detailing our investigation of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, sent highlights from the General Assembly session and more! Click here to subscribe to our channel and keep up with the latest NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia news.

Governor McDonnell’s War on Women: By the Numbers

What I learned at a Crisis Pregnancy Center

Respect and access are key

By Autumn

I promised my husband a date at the movies this past Tuesday night. What he didn’t know was that I was taking him to see 12th and Delaware which was being screened in a lecture room at Virginia Commonwealth University, courtesy of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation, NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation and the VCU Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. It was hardly the kind of place where a guy can do the fake yawn move, but I think that in the end he enjoyed the show. We grabbed some bottles of water and a handful of Starburst candy, gratis, and squeezed into our plastic lecture hall chairs to await the dimming of the lights.

The movie, which features a women’s health clinic and a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) that share the corner of 12th and Delaware in a Florida town, was extremely well done and completely free of narration, leaving the viewer to simply observe the operations of both organizations as they interact with patients and each other. Observation was all that it took to make me want to scream. The CPC used all their usual harassing and deceptive tactics, including misinforming of the gestational age of the fetus and providing medically-inaccurate information about contraception. My personal *headdesk* moment occurred toward the end of the movie. The film crew visits with 15 year-old Widline whom we met at the CPC in the beginning of the film. In a voiceover, Widline tells us that she decided to keep her baby because the CPC told her she’d be infertile if she aborted. Widline tells us that rather than get a safe abortion, she drinks vinegar and tries to miscarry. Of course, the audience knows that Widline will most likely give birth to a child which she is unable, physically or psychologically to care for.

The panel discussion afterward featured Senator Donald McEachin, D-Henrico, Shelley Abrams, an owner of several women’s health centers in the southern U.S., Vanessa Wellbery from NARAL Pro-Choice America and Joey Richards from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. The discussion was very lively from the start and took on a life of its own. In fact, the main topic of the evening was something not even covered in the documentary – the race-based attacks that the anti-choice movement is now disseminating to African-American communities. Senator McEachin noted the entire community must be involved in combating these tactics, and called for greater involvement by pro-choice proponents in refuting these attacks. (For example, see some of the great work by Trust Black Women.)

I would go a step farther. In addition to fighting racist tactics from anti-choice groups, we need to do a better job of explaining the need for choice to the next generation. One way to do this is to ensure that we have comprehensive sex education in our schools, so our young people can learn to make lifelong, healthy choices. Get involved, find out what your school or your child’s school is teaching and make it clear that you want medically-accurate and age-appropriate facts taught.

Everyone deserves respect. And everyone deserves access.

Women deserve respect

By Tannis

I’ve wanted to see 12th & Delaware since I first started reading about it several months ago. So when the national tour to expose crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) stopped in Richmond, VA last Tuesday, I was excited to attend. I was looking forward to the documentary by Academy Award-nominated directors Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, to see what actually goes on behind the doors at a CPC.

It did not disappoint. I walked away feeling sad and angry at the way these centers willfully manipulate, and deceive women in need.

The documentary tells the story of an intersection in Fort Pierce, Florida. On one side of the street there is clinic that provides abortions, on the other a CPC. The directors of the film call these clinics the frontline of the abortion debate.

There are a number of heartbreaking and angering scenes in the film. The viewers see CPC director, Ann, talk about women as “abortion minded” as if they are pawns to be manipulated. At a training, we see her encourage staffers to leave women alone in counseling rooms so that they will read the false anti-abortion propaganda that the CPC sets out for them. In fact she says something to the effect of, “It’s okay to let them sit. If they’re sitting what are they going to do? They’re going to read. And what are they going to read? They’re going to read the information that we want them to read.”

We see her teach staff how to handle a phone call from a patient wanting to know if the CPC performs abortions. She tells her trainees to evade the question and get the patient talking. To “start a conversation,” by asking if the woman is calling for herself or a friend. To ask if the woman has taken a pregnancy test. To then schedule an appointment with the caller to further discuss the pregnancy. She says, “Hook them.” As if women are fish to be caught.

We see the abortion clinic shuttle physicians to and from undisclosed locations, literally cloaked under a sheet to preserve their anonymity, and their safety. We also see an anti-choice protester follow the shuttle and “stake-out” the provider’s car, left for the day in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The directors blur the physician’s license plate, but the harasser makes it clear he has it written down, and that he will do what he can to expose the provider’s identity.

At the abortion clinic we are shown a woman who was lied to by the CPC about the gestational age of her fetus. During her appointment at the clinic the woman is informed that she is closer to 20 weeks pregnant than the ten weeks the CPC told her. Ultrasounds early on in pregnancy are very accurate at determining fetal age, so either the ultrasound technician at the CPC is incompetent, or patients who might be “abortion minded” are intentionally given inaccurate information so that their time to decide simply expires, and they are forced to carry the pregnancy to term.

The final scene in the film was perhaps the most angering. A woman entering the abortion clinic covers her head with a sweatshirt to shield herself from the protesters. She is told by these protestors that they are speaking for her unborn child and that she knows in her heart that she does not want to do this. They begin to offer her support and money. One protestor tells her, “If you need money, I will go to the bank RIGHT NOW, and get whatever you need.” They successfully dissuade the woman from entering the clinic, and the film ends as we watch the woman walk into the CPC where she is encouraged to “pick a stuffed animal, any stuffed animal for your baby.” I’m wondering how a stuffed animal is going to help this woman raise her seventh child.

I believe that women should be supported in their reproductive decisions, FULL STOP. If a woman chooses to have 15 children, that’s her decision. Conversely, if she chooses to have 15 abortions, that is also her decision. I am in no position to assume I know what is better for any woman than a woman does for herself. It is from this position that CPCs anger me. They willfully and intentionally manipulate, harass and disregard decisions women have made for themselves. They believe themselves, as do most anti-choice advocates, to be more capable arbiters of women’s futures than women themselves. Women become nothing more than incidental participants in their anti-choice war, as they want nothing more than to save a fetus.

Per NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s data there are at least 52 CPCs in the state. There are about 20 facilities that provide abortion. This means that a woman seeking pregnancy options is more likely to find herself in a CPC than in a comprehensive healthcare facility. And most CPCs are not regulated by law and receive state money from the sale of “Choose Life” license plates.

Keep putting pressure on them, through support to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and through letters to your elected representatives, so that in the future women who are seeking support for their reproductive decisions can be confident that they are getting the best information and resources out there, instead of worrying about being manipulated and lied to.

Ending deceptive practices, one CPC at a time

This ad probably does not give you the help you are looking for.

In fact, this ad is not a health care provider at all. Yet, “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) do their best to pretend they are. They do their best to trick people into their doors often only to present them with lies and shame.

But we’re doing something to change that.

Nearly 400 of you stood up against the deception and signed our petition asking a new CPC in Chesterfield, Virginia to break the mold and reject the misinformation, shaming, and other deceptive practices of CPCs around the state.

And guess what? We just took a step forward.

Following our petition campaign, the Chesterfield CPC has a disclaimer on its homepage saying it does not provide or refer for birth control or abortion!

This may seem like a small accomplishment. However, at a time when CPCs actively mislead women about what services they provide, this is one step in the right direction  toward ending deceptive practices and ensuring that CPCs are honest and upfront in their communication. And we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks!

This victory goes to show that, by keeping the pressure on and continuing to raise awareness, we can ensure that women and couples facing unintended pregnancies can access accurate information and know which facilities will provide them with medically based and unbiased information, referrals, and counseling for all pregnancy options; and which ones will not.

You can help raise continued awareness of CPCs in Virginia by:

Contact if you have any questions about getting more involved.

Thanks again for all you do to promote reproductive justice in Virginia!

It’s campaign season again — and not just the one you’re thinking of!

Hey federal government employees – did you know you can support the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign? The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a workplace giving program that allows employees of the federal government to easily contribute to charitable organizations, with donations automatically deducted from your paycheck.

The 2010 CFC campaign season started on September 1 and will continue through December 15.  If you participate in the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area, the Potomac Combined Federal Campaign, or the Combined Federal Campaign of the N. Shendandoah Valley, please designate NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation, CFC ID #83291, on your pledge form this year!

So you may be asking yourself – just what is the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation (NPCVF) and how is it different than just “NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia”?

NPCVF, a 501(c)(3) organization, is our research and educational arm. The Foundation’s mission is support and protect a woman’s right to make the full range of reproductive choices through proactive research and educational initiatives, training programs, and public policy efforts. The Foundation’s program work is a critical complement to the direct political and lobbying work of our main 501(c)(4) organization.

A few of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation’s current programs include:

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) investigation and awareness:

  • A year-long undercover investigation of “crisis pregnancy centers” in Virginia. (Read our report, “Crisis Pregnancy Centers Revealed,” for our findings about the deceptive tactics and misinformation used by these fake clinics.)
  • Support Without Shame campus CPC awareness campaign: This past year, a campus intern and campaign at the University of  Mary Washington raised awareness about CPCs in the area and resulted in changes to the Student Health Center’s website and referral policy. (We’re bringing this campaign to more campuses around Virginia this fall!)
  • Our Crisis Pregnancy Center Road Tour is traveling around the state sharing the findings of our investigation.
  • Check out press coverage of our CPC work in TIME Magazine!

Advocating for comprehensive sex education: We have an organizer working to raise awareness and support for increased comprehensive, medically accurate sex education in the Petersburg, VA school system. (The city of Petersburg has Virginia’s highest teen pregnancy rate and one of the highest rates of HIV/STI infections in the state!)

Emergency Contraception access survey: A survey of the availability of emergency contraception and the accuracy of information shared about EC at pharmacies across Virginia (Report coming soon! See regional maps of the results of our survey here.)

The generous contributions NPCVF received through last year’s CFC have been vital to the success of our Foundation’s research and educational work – and we hope to get even more support this year!  So if you’re a federal employee, please consider designating the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation, CFC ID #83291, on your pledge form this year to help us continue and expand our work.

If you’re not a federal employee or your workplace doesn’t participate in one of the campaigns listed above, please share this information with a pro-choice Virginian who is – or you can always make a tax-deductible contribution to support the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation yourself!