Spring Wraps up with $700 in Donations to the Happy Period Campaign

This past spring in the Hampton Roads area, we have continued our Happy Period Campaign with great success!

The Happy Period Campaign is a continuation of our work from last year, where NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and our activists collect menstrual products for menstruating people in need.  The Happy Period Campaign is in partnership with the #WeAreHappyPeriod organization which is located on the west coast. The #WeAreHappyPeriod organization has created a movement across the country to promote the health and well-being for all menstruating folks who may not be able to afford the cost of pads and tampons. This movement is reaching across the country and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is happy to be one of the organizations to help combat this need in our communities!

Last year, we collected thousands of donations to make over 1,200 bags that were donated to our local YWCA VA Peninsula and YWCA of South Hampton Roads. These products help individuals who are seeking help from domestic violence or may be in need due to homelessness– supporting their sense of dignity and security in difficult times. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia participates in the Happy Period Campaign quarterly, and we have just wrapped up our Spring Quarter!

This Spring Quarter, we received over $700 dollars in donations which helped make 400 bags for donation! We want to give a special thank-you to organizations that donated to our donation drive: Indivisible VA Peninsula Action Group and the Hampton Democrat Committee. Once we collected all of the donations, our Hampton Roads Community Organizer, Michelle, hosted a Happy Period Campaign Bagging Party! We had two wonderful volunteers come and help bags the donations for delivery.

Alfreda Legette says, “The Happy Period Campaign is a wonderful product drive for the women in our community and offers support where it is needed.”

As we bagged all the donations, we talked about the importance of reproductive freedom and how we should support everyone of reproductive age to have access to menstrual products. We discussed what we could do to help further our reach to menstruating people in the Newport News and Norfolk areas and how we can reach out to the community to bring more volunteers in.

The donations have been donated to both YWCAs in the area to help menstruating people in the communities of Hampton Roads. Both the YWCAs have been thankful of the donations and expressed that these donations are needed more than other donations which is why they appreciate the support they receive from our organization quarterly.  If you would like to help or get involved in the Happy Period, please drop off donations with the Hampton Roads Community Organizer and join in on the donation bag stuffing parties.

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