Wondering Why You Should Vote for Justin Fairfax?

by Haley Hine, Student Advocacy Fellow at the College of William & Mary

With Virginia’s election season coming up fast, you may be looking for a quick overview of the candidates running before heading to the polls to cast your vote. Look no further.

On November 7th, 2017, you should head to your local polling location and vote Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor. Why? Let me tell you!

Personally, I will be voting for Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor because he is a kind man who took the time to introduce himself to me as a volunteer server at a dinner party. He asked about my plans for the future, my academics, my parents, and my personal goals. He took the time out of this fundraiser dinner to send a personal video to my father to say hello and compliment me on my volunteer successes. At this NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia fundraiser, he spoke about the importance of making sure Virginia women and families keep their ability to make decisions about their own bodies. Justin stressed the way to do so is by electing progressive pro-choice candidates like himself.

Justin is committed to creating higher-paying jobs and economic security in Virginia. He first became committed to this cause after experiencing a childhood with a single hardworking mother with four children living with their grandparents. This neighborhood he grew up in was ravaged by a growing drug epidemic, violence and little-to-no economic opportunities.

Justin is a hardworking graduate of Duke University in North Carolina as well as Columbia Law. He has since been committed to helping the underdog. He has many years of experience in all branches of government ranging from Assistant U.S. Attorney to Deputy Coordinator of Human Trafficking. It is obvious that his personal experiences in childhood have influenced his interest in public service.

If that’s not enough to convince you, just listen to his survey by Ballotpedia: He believes all Americans deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare, a moral reform of our criminal justice system, ensuring that all Virginians who want to pursue higher education can do so affordably,  non-partisan redistricting, growing small businesses, increasing the minimum wage, restructuring student loan debt, and more.

Justin Fairfax is the correct progressive choice to lead Virginia and this country into a better and brighter economic and liberal future. Will you join me in supporting him on his quest to do so?

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