“I was so depressed when Trump was elected.”

by Caroline F, Student Advocacy Fellow at the University of Mary Washington

Almost every time I talk to anyone about anything regarding social issues and politics, I hear a variation of the same thing: “I was so depressed when Trump was elected.” This is a reality for so many people, including myself. However, what really upsets me about Trump’s election is how the results did not truly represent the opinions of American people. This is a result of not only the Electoral College, but also due to voter turnout. Compared to the number of eligible voters in this country, so few people voted, particularly young people. Maybe this was because people were just apathetic, or maybe they thought there was no way Trump could possibly win.

But here we are.

The students at my school, the University of Mary Washington, are generally very liberal and progressive-minded. However, many don’t even think about voting in non-presidential elections. This upsets me because now, more than ever, we need people on our side in leadership. We need a candidate like Ralph Northam the way we needed a candidate like Hillary Clinton — we need someone to fight for reproductive justice, LGTBQ+ rights, and equality for people of color, ethnic and religious minorities, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups. But, potentially more importantly, we need someone to keep downright evil politicians out of office. We have seen the horrors that can come from an election of someone on the wrong side of things. Now we need to work to prevent this from happening again at any level.

Make sure you vote on November 7th! Find your polling place here. 

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