Protecting Choice through Inclusive Advocacy: Strengthening our Grassroots Activists

In 2014, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia launched our annual Pro-Choice Leadership and Advocacy Summits, a unique opportunity for pro-choice activists around the Commonwealth to come together for a day of hands-on training and learning. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has made a conscious effort to center the Leadership & Advocacy Summits on intersectionality within the reproductive justice movement, understanding that providing a seat at the table for those most often left on the sidelines makes our movement stronger and more impactful.

2016 Hampton Roads Summit participants

Over the past few years, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has brought together over 150 supporters in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Richmond, many of whom have gone on to become top-level activists carrying out our mission. Whether you’re new to reproductive rights, health, and justice, or are an experienced advocate, we’ve got something for you!

Our 2016 Leadership & Advocacy Summits were built around the theme “Building Diverse Communities for Reproductive Rights and Justice.” We welcomed numerous Virginia legislators to serve as keynote speakers and panelists, including Delegates Lashrecse Aird, Cia Price, Jennifer Boysko, and Senator Jennifer Wexton—some of our strongest pro-choice champions fighting to protect our rights in Richmond.

Our participants have also heard from organizations including In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, Virginia Latina Advocacy Network, Catholics for Choice, DC Abortion Fund, New Virginia Majority, Access Aid, and many more groups who added their nuanced understandings and unique perspectives to conversations throughout the day.

2016 NOVA Summit participants

We welcome you to join us this September for our fourth annual Leadership and Advocacy Summits in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. This year’s theme is “Protecting Choice through Inclusive Advocacy”—we can’t wait to see you there! The Northern Virginia Summit will take place on Sunday, September 17th, and registration is open now! (And stay tuned for information on our Hampton Roads date and location!)

Here are just a few things our past participants have said about this energizing day-long training:


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