Campus Update: UMW Students Launch Conversation on Reproductive Health

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia works with students across the Commonwealth to change the dialogue about abortion and reproductive health care and build a new generation of reproductive health advocates. Below, Caroline Flynn, Vice President of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s University of Mary Washington chapter wrote about what the newest group of student organizers have been up to this March!

The month of March was very productive for NARAL University of Mary Washington (UMW), due in part to the fact that we did not exist before March! Throughout the month, we held our first student interest meeting, established a social media presence, and held a photo campaign in which students wrote why they are pro-choice on a whiteboard and posed for photographs (see below!). We also created an email list and now have a group of students who are interested in becoming active in NARAL Virginia’s efforts at UMW.

Moving forward, we will work to integrate NARAL Virginia into the general campus life by holding more meetings and events and working with other progressive student clubs. Since I am Vice President and Treasurer of Feminists United on Campus, NARAL Virginia will likely have a very active and positive relationship with Feminists United. Because of this, we will be enabled to act on campus with an official organization until we are approved as an official organization ourselves.

For April, our goal is to be more active on campus and spread the word about our organization and about current matters regarding reproductive rights in Virginia. I’m very optimistic about our success because we’ve had a great turnout from the students I’ve talked to. As we grow student awareness of the organization, we hope to increase student involvement and interest and build a lively, effective coalition of reproductive health advocates at Mary Washington.

UMW Student 8

UMW Student 4

UMW Student 6

UMW Student 7

UMW Student 5

UMW Student 1

UMW Student 3

UMW Student 2

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