Volunteer Spotlight: June 2016

Dannielle Flynn
Hampton Roads, VA

Dannielle is a longtime activist for women’s rights and women’s health, having worked tirelessly with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia for over a year to bring awareness of TRAP laws to the Hampton Roads area.  Dannielle plans to continue her work through the Hampton Roads voter registration initiative and through the various discussion forums soon to be held at Old Dominion University.  We are proud to have Dannielle on our team continuing to fight for women’s reproductive rights in Hampton Roads and across the Commonwealth!
What makes you pro-choice?
My fundamental belief that  to be truly free, women must be in control of their reproductive lives, with no apologies. My body, my choice, all the way. 


What made you decide to get involved with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia?
I wanted to help stop the onslaught of anti-choice legislation, in any way I could. 


What’s been your favorite or most meaningful NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia event?
The March 2nd rally in front of the Supreme Court as oral arguments were heard in the Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt case. Witnessing all of our progressive allies come together to show support just showed how strong we can be when we unite with other organizations for the common good!

What advice would you give to other volunteers or activists looking to support NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s work?
Get involved in a way that fits into your life. Some can phone bank, some can host events, some can share online petitions. Every little bit helps the cause!

Tell us a fun fact about you!
My family ancestry is Croatian, Irish, and Italian. 

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