Volunteer Spotlight

Each month, we highlight one of our rockstar volunteers!

December Spotlight: Carmen Vargas

Carmen is a great leader in her community who truly cares about her fellow Virginians. She is a mentor for the Chantilly Youth Group, inspiring them to lead and be better every day. This November, Carmen enthusiastically brought some of “her kids” to knock on doors for pro-choice candidates with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. She also builds local entrepreneurship through Damas de Chantilly, supporting financial, educational, and leadership development for women. We are proud to have Carmen as a powerful activist for reproductive health!


What makes you pro-choice?
I believe that every person has the right to decide what option is best for them without having to face judgement from their community or their politicians.
What made you decide to get involved with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia? 
Keisy Chavez, the Northern Virginia community organizer, invited me to participate as a volunteer with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.
What’s been your favorite or most meaningful NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia event?
I attended the Latina-focused Pro-Choice Leadership & Advocacy Summit in Fairfax this past September, and I learned so much. From hearing other people’s experiences with an open mind to talking about how personally-held beliefs intersect with reproductive freedom, I learned that one point of view isn’t enough and I better understand how different experiences shape what reproductive freedom means.
What advice would you give to other volunteers or activists looking to support NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s work? 
Be proud of being a volunteer! Donating your time is incredibly important– and for some, more than money you cannot get back. Your passion for this cause has a tremendous value.

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