3 weeks, 3 things

Three weeks from today could be a huge turning point for reproductive rights. Virginians in your neighborhood and across the Commonwealth will head to the polls – and we have a chance to elect a pro-choice majority to the state Senate for the first time in Virginia history!

But here’s the thing: pro-choice victories on Election Day are far from certain. Some of our most important races are coming down to the wire. Every pro-choice voter we can educate and motivate to get to the polls is going to be critical.

Here’s 3 ways you can take action now to make a difference during the final three weeks before Election Day:

  • Make sure you’re ready to vote! TODAY, October 13, is the last day to register or update your information in order to vote November 3 – don’t miss out on making your voice heard! Update or check your registration here. (Remind your friends and neighbors too!)

We still have a lot of work to do if we want to change the balance for reproductive rights in the General Assembly this year! Anti-choice candidates and the well-funded political groups that support them have proven time and again that they’ll stop at nothing to chip away at women’s health and rights. It’s up to us to stop them this year – and I’m so thankful we can count on you.

Let’s win in November!



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