Campus Choice Movie Night

By Nicole Linder, Spring 2015 Advocacy & Communications Intern. Connect with Nicole at @NALinder or

With the snacks ready, DVD loaded and Twitter opened, pro-choice college students across the Commonwealth were united by film and social media as they all pressed play on the documentary 12th and Delaware and discussed the deceitful tactics of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).Campus Movie Night Graphic 2

Students at the University of Richmond, Old Dominion University, the College of William and Mary, and James Madison University all participated in NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s 1st ever Campus Choice Movie Night.

In an effort to unite our campus programs, students and campus organizations at all four schools sat down to watch the film and tweet their reactions using the hashtag #ExposeVaCPCs.

Even though some had seen the movie before, the film’s depiction of CPCs and the lies they tell patients struck a nerve with all those who watched.

Providing moviegoers with a fly-on-the-wall view of the abortion rights battle, 12th and Delaware tells the story of a unique Florida street corner where women dealing with unwanted pregnancies can find a crisis pregnancy center positioned directly across from an abortion clinic.

Kristen QuoteWhile the film did a great job depicting both sides of the abortion debate, our campus viewers were disturbed by many of the deceitful tactics used by the CPC in the film.

Many instances of CPC deceit throughout the film sparked tweets and conversation from our college viewers. For instance, our Twitter feed exploded by angry college followers as the director of the CPC told a patient that, “Condoms are only 85% effective.” CPC literature regarding the (false) link between abortion and breast cancer also produced a disturbed reaction from our tweeters.

When the film concluded, many of our followers expressed their appreciation for the movie and eye-opening information it provided regarding CPCs in America. The group was shocked to learn that crisis pregnancy centers outnumber abortion clinics 4,000 to 816 in the United States.

Without a doubt, Campus Choice Movie Night was a success and we cannot thank our campus allies enough for helping us to #ExposeVACPCs!

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