VA Board of Health votes to #ScrapTRAP!

Exciting news: Last week, the Virginia Board of Health just voted to move forward with amending the state’s targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP)!

After years of fighting these dangerous and medically-unnecessary restrictions, this is a huge, critical step forward. The vote last week means we get another shot to ensure that regulations on abortion providers actually advance women’s health,  instead of forcing all but 4 of Virginia’s 18 abortion providers to close.

Women's health activists wait in line outside the Board of Health meeting!
Women’s health activists wait in line outside the Board of Health meeting!

The Board of Health’s action last week was only possible because of thousands of Virginians like you who’ve joined us to speak out against onerous, medically-unnecessary restrictions designed to shut abortion providers down. Hundreds of women’s health activists lined up outside the meeting as early as 6:00am to urge the Board of Health to amend the restrictions, and Board members heard from dozens of medical professionals, legal experts and impacted women who voiced support for regulations based in medicine, not politics!

BOH image1

Together, we made sure policymakers like Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Commissioner of Health Dr. Marissa Levine, and now the Board of Health’s members all agree that the TRAP regulations need be reviewed and amended.  We can’t thank you enough.

But although this vote was a big step, our work still isn’t over! The Board of Health’s regulation amendment process will begin next year. As usual, we’ll keep you updated with opportunities to help see this process through and make sure abortion access is protected in Virginia.

Thank you as always for your continuing support and action!


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