Volunteer Spotlight: Jaime Argandona

Jaime started his work with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia at the Arlington Leadership & Advocacy Summit this summer. As a Choice Ambassador, he has taken part in half a dozen subsequent events, including tabling, trainings, and socials.


1) What makes you pro-choice?

I am pro-choice because I am a feminist.  I am pro-choice because not having legal control over one’s body is dehumanizing.  I am pro-choice because abortions will happen regardless of their legality.

2) What made you decide to get involved with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia?

I learned about the fight for reproductive rights studying the Roe case in Civics class and (mistakenly) thought the issue was settled.  Three years ago, Virginia’s introduction of anti-abortion policies like the transvaginal ultrasound bill began making headlines, and I began to pay more attention.  The closure of the NOVA Women’s Healthcare Clinic in Fairfax City due to TRAP laws last year was a rude awakening.  I didn’t think that would happen here.  I decided to get involved.  I was glad to see a NARAL table at the Falls Church Farmers Market, signed up for the mailing list, and attended the Volunteer Leadership Summit over the summer.

3) What’s been your favorite NARAL event?

Choice Discussion Group is my favorite activity.  Hearing the experiences and perspectives of others on reproductive justice issues both informs and challenges my own.  These discussions make all of us better pro-choice advocates by getting us comfortable talking about the issues.

4) What do you imagine the future will be like as regards reproductive rights?

If I let my imagination run, I can imagine a world that sees reproductive rights as inalienable as liberty. More immediately, in the US, we can either continue the erosion of the constitutional right to abortion, or we can come together to keep abortion safe, accessible and destigmatized.

Thank you for all your terrific work, Jaime!


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