September Update from the University of Richmond

By Kristen Gell, Fall 2014 Choice Out Loud Campus Representative at the University of Richmond. Connect with Kristen and the Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ) crew on Facebook!

I am so excited to be the new Choice Out Loud campus representative at the University of Richmond! And so far, things have been going very well!

Gearing up for SpiderFest, where we talked with students about ways to get involved both on campus and in the Richmond community!

Earlier this month, we were involved in SpiderFest, an event in which students can network with leaders from various clubs and organizations on

campus and learn how to get involved.

We were able to recruit many new students and are thrilled to see how much our numbers have grown in the three years I have been a student at this university!

We have many fun plans for the fall semester, including a film screening, clinic escorting, and the installment of monthly zines!

These short info graphics will be distributed to the student population here at UR and give students a taste of what events are going on around campus with respect to reproductive justice issues as well as inform them of the actions of politicians and activists in the field.

Blog photo 3
As part of the Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, we filled our student forum with facts and statistics about abortion in the middle of the night so that students would see them on their way to class the next day. Unfortunately, it rained, but many students still caught a glimpse in the morning!

We hope these zines will be a fun and effective way to make information readily available to a wide population.

With the help of NARAL and the Choice Out Loud campaign, it seems this upcoming semester will be successful in raising awareness to reproductive health issues and curbing the stigma that is associated with these topics.


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