Cosmopolitan Endorses Foust!

By Nicole Linder, Fall 2014 Advocacy & Communications Intern. Connect with Nicole at @NALinder or

Last night Cosmopolitan Magazine rolled out the latest endorsements in their ongoing #CosmoVotes campaign, an amazing new effort encouraging women to get to the polls this November. We were SO excited to see that they endorsed John Foust, a pro-choice candidate running in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district!Endorses-3

In the article, Cosmo compared the views of Foust and his opponent Barbara Comstock on issues such as equal pay, reproductive rights and same-sex marriage, and concluded that due to Foust’s strong pro-choice values, “Virginia women (and men) need John Foust.”

Besides endorsing Foust, Cosmo also took the opportunity to discuss why his opponent, incumbent Barbara Comstock, is a bad choice for all Virginians.

As the female contender in this tight race, Comstock’s views, ironically, are anything but pro-women. Comstock supported a controversial 2012 bill, which required all pregnant women–including survivors of rape or incest– to undergo a mandatory ultrasound before receiving an abortion.

Calling them her “common sense principles,” Comstock is also vocal about her plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and has voted to defund reproductive resources, such as Planned Parenthood.

Besides dictating the reproductive choices and resources of Virginia women, Comstock also wants to control our purses. Comstock– and her colleagues in the House Commerce and Labor Committee– tabled a minimum wage bill this spring, a move that would have raised the base wage to $8.25 an hour and have a positive impact on Virginia women.

Here at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, we are proud of Cosmopolitan Magazine for stepping back from their usual commentary to write such a detailed article about an important Virginia race.

We stand with Cosmo, their endorsement, and their belief that, “Virginia women (and Virginia men) don’t need a representative who signs on to trans-vaginal ultrasounds and who thinks the ability to challenge unequal pay practices is a “left-wing agenda.” Virginia women (and men) need John Foust: Pro-equality, pro-education, pro-choice.”

A fantastic endorsement for a fantastic pro-choice candidate!


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