Your Priorities versus Their Priorities

Over the past few days, pro-choice activists from across the Commonwealth have taken the time to share their top priorities for pro-choice Virginia. We found that Virginians are concerned with a range of reproductive issues, from repealing TRAP regulations and mandatory ultrasounds to ensuring low-income women have access to health-care.

Pro-choice Virginia has spoken out about their priorities, but extreme anti-choice politicians in the Commonwealth are still planning to follow their own agenda. Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) is already continuing his crusade against the women of Virginia- this time by introducing legislation to restrict birth control!

Delegate Bob Marshall has proposed three bills (H.B. 18, H.B. 19, H.B. 20), which if passed, would allow your boss to refuse to cover your birth control and sterilization procedures based on their own personal beliefs. After the markedly pro-choice election in November, this would be a HUGE step backward for women and families in Virginia. We need to do everything we can to fight back against these bills.

Over the next seven weeks we will be busy researching upcoming legislation, meeting with lawmakers, talking to the media, and doing all we can to fight for your pro-choice priorities. We’re going to need your help to do all of this and make choice a reality for all Virginians!

Your contribution of $10, $25 or whatever you can give today will help us start working now to fight anti-choice legislation.


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