Cuccinelli gave big money to CPCs that lie to women

Unbelievable: An investigative report by Mother Jones just revealed that anti-choice gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has donated thousands of dollars to Virginia crisis pregnancy centers that lie to women.

While not entirely surprising coming from the man who has been one of the most anti-choice gubernatorial candidates Virginia has ever seen, this is still shocking. What’s worse, one of the CPCs Cuccinelli has supported is AAA Women for Choice, perhaps the most egregious CPCs in Virginia and a center that NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has heavily investigated over the past year.

In fact, we sent an undercover investigator into AAA Women for Choice this past summer – and what we found was shocking. Among other outrageous lies, the CPC staffer told Caitlin, our investigator, that condoms have holes, that birth control causes cancer, and that contraception is “enslavement”. Here are the highlights of her visit:

These lies are not unique to AAA Women for Choice. Our year-long investigation of 56  CPCs across the Commonwealth found that 71% lie to the women that walk through their doors, including spreading misinformation about birth control, sex, and abortion.  A full 18 centers told our investigators that abortion is linked to breast cancer, and 25 centers falsely reported a link  between abortion, infertility and pre-term birth.

It is outrageous that Ken Cuccinelli (who is now trying to pose as a “protector of women“) would support centers that blatantly attempt to deceive and manipulate Virginia women. Even scarier — does he actually believe these lies?

The women of Virginia deserve better than a governor who funds anti-choice organizations that deceive and mislead women. With election day  just two weeks away, we need your help to defeat Ken Cuccinelli at the polls!  Volunteer with us to ensure that we get out the pro-choice vote on November 5th!

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