Pro-Choice Candidate Profile: Elizabeth Miller, District 32

By: Marieke van Rijn, Advocacy and Communications Intern

Elizabeth Miller is running to represent the 32nd district in the Virginia House of Delegates. District 32, which encompasses Ashburn in Loudoun County, has been represented by Republican Tag Greason since 2009. Miller is running for delegate because she is “opposed to Tag Greason running unopposed” because she believes that District 32, which is part of a county that has the potential to forecast Virginia’s political future, cannot have someone with such a strong anti-choice voting record run unopposed as Greason did in 2011.

Miller is a political and community activist known for her blogging and knocking on over 30,000 doors while working for over a dozen campaigns. Miller has spent four years on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation and is a 100% pro-choice candidate. She is a champion for choice who believes that the government needs to trust each woman to make choices for themselves, and that the morality of the government intervening in a woman’s personal decisions is the true issue in the choice debate.

Elizabeth Miller

Miller’s opponent Tag Greason has consistently voted anti-choice during his tenure.  Tag Greason’s egregious attacks on women’s rights illustrate how important it is for Elizabeth Miller to be elected to represent the 32nd district. Now more than ever, delegates like Elizabeth Miller are needed in Richmond to speak up for choice so that delegates like Tag Greason and others cannot continue their crusade against women’s rights. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia strongly encourages you to donate your time, money or services to Miller’s campaign.


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