Ken Cuccinelli’s new desperate turn

This morning the Washington Post  published an interview with Ken Cuccinelli in which he claims Terry McAuliffe is “flat-out lying” about his record on women’s health. Yep…seriously.

cooch interview pic
Ken Cuccinelli is interviewed for the Washington Post’s TV “In Play”

Good thing our executive director Tarina Keene was ready with this AWESOME response:

“For months now, Ken Cuccinelli has been running away from his extreme record of attacking women’s health and rights – but this is a new low, even for him. Despite his desperate claims, Ken Cuccinelli did sponsor ‘personhood’ legislation that could outlaw common forms of birth control, and he even advocated “going to jail” to protest no-cost birth control under the Affordable Care Act. These are the facts, plain and simple. What we’re seeing now is a desperate candidate who finally understands that you can’t govern, and you certainly can’t win elections, by attacking the women and families of the Commonwealth. Virginians just aren’t buying it.”

It’s pretty obvious that Ken Cuccinelli is seeing the writing on the wall – and is furiously trying to whitewash his extreme anti-choice record. With less than 5 weeks to the election, it is critical that we hold him accountable for his extreme attacks on women’s health and rights. Sign up now to volunteer with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia & help pro-choice Terry McAuliffe win on November 5th!


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