Welcoming our Fall 2013 Intern Team: Katharine

We’re introducing NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s fall 2013 interns and campus representatives. You’ll be hearing from them on the blog over the next few months, so we wanted to give them a chance to introduce themselves and tell you a little bit about why they’re interested in this work!! Next up, a post from Katharine Donohoe:

Greetings, Virginians! My name is Katharine and I’m working as the Fall 2013 Development and Events Intern for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. A recent graduate of James Madison University (go Dukes!), I really got interested in the pro-choice movement as I learned more about women in the context of policymaking and politics during my collegiate studies. To me, feminism and the pro-choice movement just…made sense. I want to feel empowered and in control of my body and my decisions regarding it so it baffled me that anyone might try to restrict that or change that. I’m pro-choice and thrilled to be interning for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia because I want to support and ally myself with a movement that is working to ensure all women’s freedom regarding their body.

One of the things I am most excited about during this internship is gearing up for the upcoming elections in Virginia and supporting pro-choice candidates. I have read and studied community organizing and advocacy but I can’t wait to see these things firsthand and for something that I think is so vital. Stay tuned to our blog and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!


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