Pro-Choice Candidate Profile: John Bell, District 87

By Marieke van Rijn, Advocacy & Communications Intern

John Bell is a retired Major of the United States Air Force who is running for the District 87 seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Bell, a strongly pro-choice Democrat, is running against staunch anti-choice Republican incumbent David Ramadan.

Bell is a 100% pro-choice candidate who believes that medical decisions regarding family planning are deeply personal and not something politicians in Richmond should be involved in. We have proudly endorsed Bell for Delegate, along with our pro-choice partners  Planned Parenthood of Virginia and the Women’s Strike Force.

Defeating Ramadan in this election is incredibly important in ensuring women’s right to choose is protected. Ramadan’s anti-choice voting record is lengthy. From voting for a personhood legislation to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest, to supporting medically unnecessary ultrasounds and trying to shut down women’s health centers that offer medical care and cancer-screenings, it is clear that Ramadan’s top priority is attacking women’s health and rights.

District 87, located in the southeast corner of Loudoun County, has been called “the Ohio of Virginia” and is thought to have the potential to have a major impact in the political direction Virginia will go in 2013. Currently, all of Loudoun’s House of Delegate seats are held by anti-choice Republicans, but with Loudoun County backing Obama for president and Kaine for senator in 2012, the county has the potential to lean left again this election. (In 2011, incumbent anti-choice Delegate Ramadan won his election by only 51 votes!)

Women’s choice in Virginia hangs in the balance in the 2013 gubernatorial elections. We strongly encourage you to donate your time and resources to help elect 100% pro-choice candidate John Bell and insure that women’s choice in family planning is kept private and protected in Virginia.

 In fact, you can join NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC Action Fund, and the Women’s Strike Force for a reception to support John Bell’s campaign on Saturday, September 28th in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington!


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