Welcoming our Fall 2013 Intern Team: Marieke

This is the first post in a series introducing NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s fall 2013 interns and campus representatives. You’ll be hearing from them on the blog over the next few months, so we wanted to give them a chance to introduce themselves and tell you a little bit about why they’re interested in this work! First up, a post from Marieke van Rijn:

marieke pic for blog

Hi Virginia! I’m Marieke and I am the fall 2013 Advocacy and Communications intern at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and am currently a senior at George Mason University. I am pro-choice because I believe that to regulate a woman’s right to choose is to strip her of her bodily autonomy, and because to regulate medical decisions women make with their doctors is a violation of their privacy… and quite frankly, politicians who are uncomfortable hearing the scientific terms  for the female reproductive system have no right to regulate it!

Like many Virginian women, I am disappointed in the anti-choice laws that have been enacted in our state in the past view years. I feel that the women of Virginia deserve better than to be referred to “crisis pregnancy centers” and be given false information regarding choice and birth control when seeking guidance about an unplanned pregnancy. I also believe that the women of Virginia deserve to have access to the full range of the options in family planning — including abortion if that is what they choose. I truly feel that Virginia could do better, and I am really excited to be interning for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia during this important 2013 election season to work towards making Virginia a state that respects a woman’s right to choose.


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