Cuccinelli’s ‘Father’s Rights’ Stance Proves Lack of Trust for Women

For Immediate Release: August 29, 2013

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Cuccinelli’s ‘Father’s Rights’ Stance Proves Lack of Trust for Women

GOP Gubernatorial candidate has record of restricting women’s healthcare decisions; Keene calls revelation of Cuccinelli’s alliance with groups that claim women lie about abuse “wrong.”

 Today the Washington Post revealed Ken Cuccinelli’s pattern of association with Fathers’ Rights advocates some of whom oppose domestic violence protections, want to reduce child support payments, and insinuate that women lie about incidents of abuse.

Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, released the following statement condemning Cuccinelli’s association with the “Father’s Rights” movement:

“NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia believes that all women have the fundamental right to control their own futures and make decisions about their own lives. No woman should ever be forced by the government to do anything against her will – be it deciding to carry a pregnancy to term, end a pregnancy, or choose not to become a parent. The policies that these so-called “Fathers’ Rights” groups support could force a woman to stay in a marriage – even one in which she is enduring physical abuse – or risk being called a liar or losing contact with her own children. This is absolutely wrong, and goes against all that we stand for.

“Now more than ever, it is obvious that Ken Cuccinelli does not trust the women of Virginia. From injecting his own  ideological agenda into women’s personal and private medical decisions, to allying himself with the extreme beliefs of some “Fathers’ Rights” organizations that claim women lie about domestic abuse, Cuccinelli has proven himself to have absolutely zero respect for the intelligence, autonomy, and well-being of the Commonwealth’s women. Despite what Cuccinelli apparently believes, Virginian women can think and make our own decisions for ourselves – not only about our healthcare but about our families, our lives, and our futures. He should be ashamed.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is dedicated to protecting every woman’s right to make her own personal medical decisions without government interference, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.



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  1. Ronnie Brokaw says:

    This is just shit slinging & character assassination plain & simple. I am embarrassed that you have stooped to this level. This article says nothing about this man’s personal views on any one of your insinuations. You weaken our arguments with crap like this. If Father’s rights proved a lack of trust for women, then what do no father’s rights prove about women? Boooooo!

    1. Erica Lanier says:

      I have to agree with Ronnie on this one… this article is poorly constructed and uninformative. I see the hyperlink to a separate article which states, from the Father’s Rights group, “We support candidates who support the idea that children should have a full relationship with both of their parents, regardless of their present marital status,” said Michael McCormick, executive director of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children. “I would say Ken Cuccinelli is a strong supporter of that particular premise.”

      KEY PHRASE: “particular premise.”

      I know that this group has some extreme ideas that elude to forcing women to stay in abusive situations while accusing women of being liars about the abuse that statistics support and it’s repulsive, however, I do not necessarily IN THIS CASE see how Cuccinelli is advocating for all of those beliefs.

      The complaint may very well be valid but all I am saying is that this article doesn’t articulate or prove that… at all… and it’s embarrassing.

      Please put some thought, research and writing skills into your articles so you don’t hurt the Women’s Rights Movement. Thank you.

  2. Sherri Lombardi says:

    I am pro choice and I agree this article really doesn’t say anything about this man and where he stands, it only say’s basically is he believes in fathers rights, as a pro choicer I also believe in fathers rights, I also believe that if you are married it should be a joint decision on abortion, because it will only cause problems in the marriage if it isn’t and if your going through a divorce and have children together I believe the father should have rights, just as us women have fought for our rights, men are only asking for what they deserve the right to be a father to that child or children, fathers rights does not mean they have to stay in a marriage they no longer want to be in, it just say’s I want to right to help raise my child.

  3. It’s easy to say you believe in “Father’s Rights,” until you find out that means reducing child support payments, or the idea that Family Court should hold it against a woman in decisions of custody if she initiates the Diviorce proceedings. In other words, “If you decide that you need out of an abusive marriage, then you will have to face a greater danger of losing custody of your kids!”

    Father’s Rights groups have also opposed the Violence Against Women Act! Now, in a country where about 3 woman per DAY (on average) DIE from domestic violence, opposing legislation to counter that seems a lot like a “War on Women.” And not just some rhetorical war on limiting their Freedoms (which is bad enough). But an actual War where women are DYING daily!

    1. Sherri Lombardi says:

      that tells me exactly what i said before men just want equal rights in raising their children and no court will award custody to one parent because the other one wants the divorce also they are right some women do yell abuse when it never happened just to gain custedy of the kids or to get even, so yes I still say men deserve equal rights to help raise their kids and in some cases should have full custedy of the children its suppose to be what’s in the best interest of the kids not the parents and in most cases it is better for the kids to have both parents in their lives on a regular bases and before you say it yes I am a servivor of domestic abuse but do not hate all men or blame all men for one mans actions.

      1. Erica Lanier says:

        I appreciate your willingness to disclose your past abuse. I also appreciate your willingness to see that men also deserve custody rights. I am very active in the Women’s Rights Movement but am currently in a situation as a stepmother where the father (my partner) had to fight for custody (and won… hands down). It is not fair to assume that no men deserve parental rights or fair treatment because of the abuse that many women suffer. Not all men are bad and not all men are bad fathers. Children get used as a playing card far too often. We cannot be man haters… and we cannot write poor articles with poor references and insight anger just for the sake of getting women pissed off at the opposite gender or a particular political figure (whom I don’t like… but shit, I gotta remain a reasonable person).

        I would also like to add that it makes me sick that this particular group opposes VAWA. Disgusting.

        If more develops on this PLEASE articulate it… it will gather stronger support.

  4. Sherri Lombardi says:

    I am sorry but as a survivor of abuse, I also do not totally agree with the VAWA, as that law stands right now any woman can claim abuse and the man will go to jail no questions asked and it puts the men that have never and would never abuse a woman in a bad spot, they are basically at the woman’s mercy and to me that is just wrong, I have personally witnessed to many women that yell abuse just to get even with their partner and/ or to gain custody of the kids by making the guy look like an abusive person and with this law it is making it so much easier for the vindictive women to be able to do that, because law enforcement does not want to be liable for any law suit so they arrest then ask questions later and in most cases because of this law men are being falsely labeled as abusers, it is also making it so that men that are actually the ones being abused by the woman have no out, because all the abuser needs to do is claim that the man is beating her,, I have a friend who happens to be a man who would never in his life raise a hand to a woman, but was in a relationship that he was the one being abused by his partner, he has been threatened with this law by the abuser if he leaves she will report him as the abuser, that is what this law is doing to innocent men these days, yes I have seen what she does to him first hand and I did help him escape the abuse, but her comment to me when she seen me on the street was, you know as a women I can have him arrested for abuse, I was like really well as a women who knows what abuse feels like I can bury you in your own damn back yard too, she shut up, and he is living a normal happy life now with counseling of course, that law as it stands hurts more then it helps, I am sorry but they need to revise that law to make it apply to everyone being abused by their partner.

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