Virginia Voters Strongly Back Legal Abortion

The Washington Post has just released a poll that shows, among other things, that Virginia voters strongly back women being able to access reproductive health care.

The Post polled almost 1,000 registered voters from late April to early May and asked them if they were in favor of legal abortion in all or most cases. The result showed that 61% of those surveyed were in favor to 36% who stand opposed to legal abortion.

The Post also asked over 1,100 Virginians if they supported or opposed the new ultrasound legislation. The result? 50% oppose the new law.

This shows, yet again, that anti-choice politicians are woefully out of touch with the rest of Virginia. It’s time they got back to work pushing for more economic development and transportation solutions instead of meddling in people’s private lives.

Something that a solid majority of Virginia voters agree with.


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  1. Blaine says:

    Half of those people agree with that law!What kinds of psychos live in this state?I’m so glad I’m about to move to Las Vegas.

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