Recap of tweets from Virginia House of Delegates debate on HB1 “personhood” bill

After the jump, check out our Storify recap of tweets during the H.B. 1 debate on the floor of the House of Delegates on Monday, February 13, 2012.

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    #HB1 #personhood bill would lay groundwork for banning abortion & attacking birth control in event of changes in US Supreme Court precedent
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Del. Marshall claiming that #personhood #HB1 bill is to allow wrongful death suit 4 fetal death, but its not connected to that part of code
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    As debate on controversial House Bill 1 begins, germaneness challenge to a Democratic floor amendment by a Republican.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
  4. Delegate Jennifer McClellan offered a floor substitution that would have made the bill do what Del. Marshall and his allies claim its is intended to do: create a cause of action for wrongful death suits in cases where a fetus dies. The House leadership rejected the substitution.
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    Floor substitute bill offered by @JennMcClellanVA to narrow scope of #HB1 to just wrongful death suits is ruled “not germane” by House.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    In ruling my floor amendment to HB1 non-germane, the Speaker states the purpose of the bill is broader than to create a wrongful death c/a.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
  7. Del. Marshall also asked the House not to consider an amendment offered by Delegate Vivian Watts that would have added clarification that the bill would not impact the legality of forms of birth control like the pill and IUDs. A similar exception is already in the language of the bill to exempt in vitro fertilization.
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    Del. Vivian Watts (Fairfax) discussing ways #HB1 as written could be used to attack access to common forms of birth control like pill & IUDs
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Del. Marshall concerned about members being put on the board rejecting amendments to protect birth control. Why not? #notonourwatch
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 14:03:37
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    If you don’t want to protect birth control then you have an obligation to let voters know as elected officials. Don’t hide! #notonourwatch
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Vivian Watts fighting against #personhood: “you are voting against birth control.” #vahouse
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Del. Joe Morrissey asks Del. Marshall straight out: is it his goal to outlaw abortion with #HB1 #personhood bill. Del. Marshall admits YES.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Morrissey: Is your goal to outlaw abortion? Marshall: yes.
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Del. Morrissey points out interview where Del. Marshall said #HB1 would give Virginia backbone to go back to laws that criminalize abortion
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Del. @C_Herring says “there are 25K mentions of ‘person’ in VA code” — what impacts will this #HB1 #personhood bill have on all those laws?
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Del. Charniele Herring (D-46) says #personhood bill could influence inheritance laws, probate and even #redistricting #vapolitics
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Del. @EFillerCorn points out: if it’s necessary to put an exception in #HB1 for in vitro, why won’t they allow exception for #birthcontrol?
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Nice job @C_Herring, Joe Morrissey, Eileen Filler-Corn, & Vivian Watts debating HB 1. Too bad GOP cut off debate!
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    More info on the genesis of House Bill 1 #personhood
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Delegate Bob Marshall spoke to VSN about #personhood. Read the story: #vahouse #virginia
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Hse advances #HB1 #personhood, won’t protect contraception. VA ladies: better start stockpiling birth control pills. #badbill
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Yet again, when it comes to issues of women’s health and life, debate is cut off. HB1 advances for vote tomorrow. #notonourwatch #wevoteno
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    #Virginia House of Delegates gives preliminary approval to #personhood bill #vapolitics
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    Personhood bill passes initial hurdle. Contraception in Va in jeopardy. #badbills
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48
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    #HB1 #personhood bill has been engrossed & passed to 3rd reading. Will be voted on tmrw. CONTACT YOUR DELEGATE:
    Fri, Feb 10 2012 16:40:48

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathryn Weathersby says:

    Is anyone pointing out the legal ramifications? That all miscarriages would have to be investigated by the coroner. That since many fertilized eggs are spontaneously aborted within a few days, menstrual flow often includes “persons.” If the bill is to be implemented, the deaths of these “persons” will have to be investigated and documented. Perhaps we will have to have charts posted of all women’s menstrual cycles, as is done in Chinese workplaces. But in our case it will be to ensure that any late period, which is more likely to contain aborted “persons” is investigated.

    Moreover, pregnant women will be unable to travel abroad unless the fetus has a passport. But what about the fertilized egg she may be carrying without knowing that she’s carrying this “person.”

    This is only the beginnng.

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