Virginia House to Vote on H.B. 1 “Personhood” for Zygotes Bill. Contact Your Delegate Today!

On Friday, the Courts of Justice committee of the Virginia House of Delegates voted 14-4 to advance House Bill 1, a “personhood” bill to give legal status and rights to fertilized eggs from the moment of conception. If this bill becomes law, it could be used to attack the right to abortion, birth control and a range of other reproductive health care services. The full House of Delegates is expected to take a final vote on this bill on Tuesday, February 14. (You can learn more at our “personhood” information page.)

We need you to take action now to stand up against this bill! Here’s what you can do right now to make your voice heard with your legislator:

1) Find your Delegate’s information by entering your address on the Virginia General Assembly “Who’s My Legislator” page. On the results page under “More about Delegate,” you will find full contact information, including their email address and the phone number of their Capitol office.

2) Email or call (or both!) your Delegate to urge them to “oppose the H.B. 1 ‘personhood’ bill.” Here is some sample language you can use:

Dear Delegate [NAME],

As your constituent, I’m contacting you today to urge you to vote against H.B. 1, the “personhood” bill patroned by Delegate Robert G. Marshall. This bill would grant the legal status and rights of persons to fertilized eggs under Virginia law, subject only to U.S. Supreme Court precedent, and could have a devastating impact on Virginia women’s rights and health by attacking access to abortion, birth control and a range of other reproductive health care services.

I am concerned because this bill lays the groundwork for banning abortion in all circumstances — even in cases of rape, incest, fetal anomaly, or threats to a woman’s life or health — if Supreme Court precedent changes. What’s more, it could also be used to attack the legality of some of the most common and effective forms of birth control that Virginia women use, including the pill, emergency contraception, and IUDs. It would also interfere in doctors ability to treat women experiencing miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

Changing the definition of “person” — a word which appears over more than 25,000 times in the Code of Virginia — would also impact thousands of other laws, wreaking legal havoc and having far-reaching and unpredictable consequences.

Please don’t allow Virginia to become the first state to pass such extreme and dangerous legislation. I urge you to oppose H.B 1. Thank you very much for your consideration.



3) Let all your friends know about this bill and urge them to take action as well! Please share this information via Facebook, Twitter or send your friends across Virginia an email. You can tag our Facebook or Twitter pages when you share and follow us for more updates and opportunities for action.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie Turner says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t pass this, PLEASE.

  2. Sandie says:

    I am writing to ask that you not support the pending “Personhood” bill.
    Like most people, I have a strong belief as to when life begins. The
    definition of conceive is “to form an idea or a notion”, secondarily it
    means to become pregnant. Conception means the possibility of life, the
    idea that the material combined between a man and a woman might grow and
    develop into a person. This development isn’t always meant to proceed,
    whether by nature or decision, a person is not always the result of
    conception. Often it turns out not to be a good idea. Whether there is
    a problem within the fetus itself, or problems within the environment
    the fetus may be born into, whether the pregnancy is naturally aborted
    by the woman’s body or is aborted by modern medical technology, not all
    conceived matter comes to fruition. I believe that when an egg and a
    sperm defy the incredible odds of being the ones to unite, that when all
    the cells and systems of a human body form and develop as they should,
    that when the mind and the body of the mother is sound and capable of
    creating a life, when all this combines and the result is a unique
    person, then and only then does the soul of that person enter that
    earthy vessel. It’s called the “miracle of birth”, not the miracle of
    conception. We celebrate the “breath of life” not the amniotic fluid of
    This is my belief, but I do not want you to legislate based on my belief
    or yours, or anyone’s beliefs. I want you to preserve the right for each
    of us to make this most important decision, the decision to bring a new
    life into this world or not, based on our own personal judgement and
    beliefs. The Commonwealth of Virginia doesn’t conceive a pregnancy,
    carry a fetus, or give birth to a person, it shouldn’t be making any of
    the decisions.

    1. Banker Zero says:

      Can someone tell me where “person” is redefined in the text of the bill? I can’t find it. the bill only defines “unborn child” and does a shitty job at that.

  3. autumn wallin says:

    Where is NARAL’s press release about this important issue? Why are pro-choice organizations so quiet on this issue!

    1. Autumn, you can see our press release on the passage of this right here on our website:

      You can see our general information page about the “personhood” bill and how to take action here:

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

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