Anti-choice groups’ campaign efforts remind us what’s at stake for choice on November 8

Yesterday we told you about focused efforts by anti-choice political organizations opposing pro-choice Senator Edd Houck in Fredericksburg.

In similar news today, we hear that two pro-choice state Senators in the Hampton Roads area are also being targeted by organized anti-choice campaign efforts. Last weekend, Senator Mamie Locke of Hampton was met by anti-choice demonstrators outside her church. Senator Ralph Northam, who we told you about in one of our pro-choice candidate spotlights last week, is also the subject of anti-choice signs being driven around on cars through the 6th Senate District in Norfolk and the Eastern Shore.

It’s another reminder of how important November 8th’s election is for reproductive freedom, particularly when it comes to state Senate races. Despite many anti-choice candidates’ public focus on other topics and persistent claims that this election isn’t about “social issues,” it’s clear what’s going on behind the scenes. These candidates and the anti-choice political machine that supports them want to tip the balance in the Senate with the express purpose of getting more legislation that attacks women’s rights and health onto Governor McDonnell’s desk. And with just one or two more votes in the state Senate, they could do just that.

Get out and vote pro-choice on Tuesday, November 8th, and make sure your friends, family and neighbors do the same! For more information on the election, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC’s endorsed candidates, and how you can get involved in these last days before Election Day, visit our website.


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