Pro-Choice Candidate of the Day: Mike Kondratick, House District 87

We’re less than two weeks away from one of the biggest elections for reproductive choice in Virginia in years. On Tuesday, November 8, Virginians will go to the polls to vote on all 140 General Assembly seats. All this week on the blog, we are spotlighting pro-choice candidates of the day in key races across the state, so you know who will stand up for women’s rights and health in Richmond and who we’re working to help elect this fall!

Mike Kondratick

Today we continue our week of pro-choice candidate spotlights with two House of Delegates races. We head first to House District 87, which includes the southeast corner of Loudoun County (the Ashburn, Sterling and Dulles area) and the northwest corner of Prince William County.

In this race, Mike Kondratick is the pro-choice candidate. 

Mike is  100-percent pro-choice and will stand up to protect the health and safety of all women in Virginia while in Richmond. He is running for House of Delegates in District 87, a seat previously held by pro-choice Delegate Paula Miller. This House seat has been in solid pro-choice hands for the past six years and we must keep it that way.

Mike is running against anti-choice candidate David Ramadan. As with many of this year’s anti-choice candidates, we know Ramadan would continue to toe the line on the radical McDonnell-Cuccinelli agenda in Richmond.

But Mr. Ramadan is also extreme in his own right. In a recent fundraising letter, he declared that “the pro-life issue is one of the main reasons I decided to run” and mentioned that among other anti-choice legislation he would support, he would fight for a “spousal consent law” requiring a woman to get her husband to sign-off on her reproductive choices – something that’s been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court!

We currently face an anti-choice majority House of Delegates, and the addition of another anti-choice vote in David Ramadan would be incredibly detrimental to Virginia women.

However, our pro-choice champions in the House are some of our most adamant, dedicated and outspoken allies, and fight Governor McDonnell’s anti-choice agenda all the way. Mike Kondratick will provide another vital vote for women’s health in the House of Delegates – a vote that will also lead towards our long term goal of a pro-choice majority in that General Assembly chamber.

Mike Kondratick will be a strong pro-choice leader in Richmond. Learn how you can get involved to get out the pro-choice vote by visiting our Elections page.  Make sure to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8 and remind all your pro-choice friends to do the same!

By NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC staff. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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