5 candidates we definitely don’t want to see in Richmond next year

by: NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC  staff

We’re certainly used to dealing with extreme anti-choice politicians. This election season, however, even we are shocked by some of the candidates running for General Assembly. Here are just a few examples of what we’re up against on Election Day, November 8:

  • Tom Garrett (Senate District 22, between Richmond and Lynchburg) says he supports outlawing abortion with “no exceptions” – not even for victims of rape or incest or to protect a woman’s life or health.
  • Bryce Reeves (Senate District 17 , between Fredericksburg and Charlottesville) is supported by some of Virginia’s most zealous anti-choice politicians and by the national Family Research Council Action PAC, a group founded by Focus on the Family extremist James Dobson.
  • Ben Loyola (Senate District 6 in Hampton Roads) sponsored a fundraiser for a deceptive anti-choice “crisis pregnancy center” that misinforms Tidewater women about abortion, birth control and reproductive health.
  • David Ramadan (House District 87 in Loudoun and Prince William Counties) said in a recent fundraising letter that “the pro-life issue is one of the main reasons I decided to run” and that he would introduce a “spousal consent law” requiring a woman to get her husband’s sign-off on her reproductive choices – something that’s been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court!
  • And of course there’s Dick Black, running in the new Senate District 13 in Loudoun County. As we’ve told you before, he is beyond zealous in his anti-choice stances. He’s notorious for anti-choice crusades as a former state Delegate – including a stunt where he handed out plastic fetus dolls to fellow legislators. From 2003-2005 alone he pursued 18 bills limiting reproductive choice, including “personhood” measures to grant legal rights and standing to fertilized eggs. He not only opposes the right to abortion in any circumstance, but as a Delegate tried to pass laws attacking access to birth control! (You can learn more about Black’s extreme record at www.therealdickblack.com.)

These candidates, and many others like them all across Virginia, are simply beyond the pale. The scariest part? If any of these Senate candidates are elected, their vote could tip the scales in that chamber and remove the only legislative check on the McDonnell-Cuccinelli anti-choice agenda. It could be a free-for-all on women’s reproductive rights. That’s part of the reason politicians like Ken Cuccinelli are focusing on getting rid of pro-choice leadership in the Senate.

But here’s the good news: each of these anti-choice candidates is running against a strong pro-choice candidate who we can count on to represent our values in Richmond. That’s why we’re making sure voters understand the clear options they have in this election and working to get out the pro-choice vote across Virginia.

Make sure you’re ready to vote pro-choice on November 8th!

With only two and a half weeks until Election Day, we’re working harder than ever, and we need your support to keep it up! If you’re concerned about candidates like these making law in Richmond next year, please consider making a contribution to the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Political Action Committee. Every dollar you pitch in will enable us to support pro-choice candidates and reach more voters in critical districts: knocking on more doors, making more phone calls, putting information in more voters’ mailboxes, and getting the word out about the importance of this election. Thanks for your support!

This post is by the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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