The McDonnell Administration’s War on Virginia Women’s Health: By the Numbers

By Marissa

The McDonnell administration recently released  a video entitled “The McDonnell Administration: By the Numbers,” which shows what the governor wants Virginians to know he has been up to since his inauguration.

But he failed to mention his success in also stripping women of their access to reproductive healthcare.

The governor’s office would have you believe his sole focus during his first year in office was roads, rest stops and reducing taxes.

Unfortunately, the past two General Assembly sessions show us one of the governor’s biggest priorities – to undercut the health of Virginia women and their families.

Since 2010, McDonnell has overridden doctors’ diagnoses and blocked low-income women’s access to abortion care when their health is at grave risk.

McDonnell has banned Virginia women from using their own money to purchase private insurance coverage for abortion care even in tragic health-threatening and fetal abnormality cases.

McDonnell has approved new, unwarranted regulations to single out first-trimester abortion providers from other doctors’ office and turn them  into hospitals, essentially shutting them down and banning access to safe, affordable reproductive healthcare to a majority of Virginia women.

And, McDonnell restored nearly $900,000 in funding for failed, abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in our public schools that deny real information to our youth so they can make healthy, responsible decisions.

Governor McDonnell’s policies and priorities are bad news for Virginia women and their families.

Here is our video response, outlining the ways the McDonnell Administration continues to attack the health of Virginia women and their families.

Contact Governor McDonnell today, and ask him to stop his War on Women

The McDonnell Administration’s War on Virginia Women’s Health: By the Numbers

4 – Pieces of anti-choice legislation signed into law by Governor McDonnell since his inauguration in 2010[1]

1 – Type of doctor’s office singled out for new hospital-style regulation under recent legislation (SB 924): First-trimester abortion providers

80 – Percentage of abortion providers forced to close in Texas after similar legislation was enacted in 1997[2]

86 – Percent of counties in Virginia currently without a dedicated abortion provider

0 –Private insurance providers allowed to cover a woman’s unfettered right to choose under the governor’s amendment to a health exchange bill (HB 2434)

39 – Virginia’s nationwide ranking from NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Who Decides? reproductive report card during McDonnell’s time in office[3]

2 –States that applied solely for unproven abstinence-only-until-marriage program funding in 2010: Minnesota and Virginia[4]

$898,000 – Money McDonnell restored to failed abstinence-only-until-marriage programs while eliminating a similar amount from programs to help families in need

$400,000 – Approximate cost to Virginians in order to fund ineffective abstinence-only-until-marriage programs[5]

$2.5 million – Federal funding for comprehensive sex education programs Virginia lost due to McDonnell’s political agenda[6]

$0 – State money required for said comprehensive sexual education, which McDonnell rejected in favor of taxpayer-funded, ineffective abstinence-only-until-marriage programs


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