Ask Governor McDonnell to veto new abortion restrictions [Action Alert]

Anti-choice politicians in Virginia have shown yet again just how far they are willing to go to increase government interference in reproductive health care and restrict Virginia women’s ability to choose abortion.

Now it’s time to show them that we won’t back down.

The Virginia General Assembly’s anti-choice legislators launched a sneak attack as the 2011 legislative session came to a close. Members in the House of Delegates added an amendment onto a bill that originally had nothing to do with abortion that redefines first-trimester abortion providers’ facilities as “hospitals” and instructs the State Board of Health to single them out from among similar medical professionals for additional regulation.

Anti-choice Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling cast the tie-breaking vote to pass this bill in our state Senate. Now this legislation moves to Gov. Bob McDonnell, who could sign it any day now.

This is a blatant attempt to put the majority of Virginia’s abortion providers out of business and cut off the ability of women throughout the Commonwealth to access safe, legal abortion care.

I hope you will join us in telling Gov. McDonnell that this egregious attack on reproductive health-care providers and the women they serve is unacceptable.

Even if the governor chooses to place women’s health in danger and signs this legislation into law, this fight is far from over. It would then be up to the State Board of Health to issue new regulations, which means we will have a chance to ensure that abortion providers are not unfairly singled out to serve an ideological agenda.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is ready to fight back and mobilize pro-choice Virginians to oppose regulations that would restrict a woman’s right to choose in our state. Will you join us?

It will be a tough battle, but access to abortion and reproductive health care is just not something Virginia’s women can afford to lose. That’s why we need you to contact the governor today to protect women’s rights and health. Thank you for your support!


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