House Committee Passes Abortion Restrictions (Action Alert!)

A bill to limit access to abortion services in Virginia is going to the full House! Please take action to help us stop it.

Yesterday morning, the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee voted to approve the bill, sending it to the full House floor for a vote. (See how the committee members voted.)

This bill is a “targeted regulation of abortion providers” (TRAP) law. Patroned by Delegate Richard P. Bell (R-20), it singles out abortion providers for rules that don’t apply to other medical professionals. We support the highest standards for women’s health, but these regulations are unrelated to women’s health and could shut many providers down. This bill is an anti-choice tactic to take away access to safe, legal abortion care in Virginia.

In fact, when asked for statistics or evidence to prove that singling out abortion providers for such regulations is necessary and would protect women’s health, Delegate Bell has admitted to having none! It is clear this is a move simply designed to shut down as many abortion providers as possible.

The anti-choice politicians behind this bill do not care about women’s health. There is no medical reason to force abortion providers to comply with hospital-level regulations – restrictions not imposed on other doctors performing similar office-based surgeries such as oral surgery, plastic surgery, or colonoscopy. This law would mandate onerous, costly and medically unnecessary changes to many providers’  offices and procedures, making it difficult for doctors to provide vital medical care to Virginia women.

The bill has gone through its first reading on the floor, and will most likely go to a second reading on Monday. Please, help us keep the pressure on by emailing your legislator today and ask her or him to oppose this unwarranted, unnecessary, and harmful legislation!

P.S. Remember to join us next Thursday, January 27 for Pro-Choice Lobby Day as we let the General Assembly know Virginia is pro-choice! Be sure to register online today!


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