TRAP bill in committee tomorrow morning!

Yesterday, the Virginia House Health, Welfare and Institutions sub-committee voted to send HB 1428 to the full committee, and we’ve just learned the bill is on the agenda for tomorrow morning’s meeting. This bill, patroned by Delegate Richard P. Bell (R-20), singles out first-trimester abortion providers from among all other doctor’s offices in Virginia for new, medically-unnecessary restrictions that could shut many of them down.  It is an insidious tactic to decrease access to safe, legal abortion care in Virginia, done under the guise of protecting women’s health.

We cannot allow this bill to get out of committee. So if your legislator  is a member of the Health, Welfare and Institutions committee, we need you contact her or him today and ask them to vote no on HB 1428 and reject this attack on women’s health and rights.

This bill is considered  “targeted regulation of abortion providers” (TRAP) legislation.  If passed, it would force first-trimester abortion providers to comply with hospital-level regulations – restrictions not imposed on other doctors performing similar office-based surgeries such as oral surgery, plastic surgery, or colonoscopy. This law would mandate onerous, costly and medically-unnecessary changes to many providers’ physical offices and procedures, making it difficult for them to provide vital reproductive health services to Virginia women.

When asked for statistics or evidence to indicate that singling out abortion providers for such regulations is necessary and would protect women’s health, Delegate Bell has admitted to having none! He also compared abortion providers to barber shops! It is clear that this is a move simply designed to shut down as many abortion providers as possible. (Be sure to check out video of the hearing!)

Please, call or email your legislator today and ask her or him to oppose this unwarranted, unnecessary and harmful legislation! Click here to find your legislator. Sending a message only takes a few minutes but could have a huge impact on tomorrow’s committee vote.  Contact if you have any questions or want more information how you can help.


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