Double Take

Just in time for the beginning of a challenging 2011 General Assembly session, Governor McDonnell announces his support for legislation singling out first-trimester abortion providers for further restrictions!

First of all, the restrictions he and other out-of-touch anti-choice politicians seek are not imposed on other comparable office-based surgeries, as we have pointed out over the past few months.

But hold on. There is something else interesting in his statement.

According to the article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

[McDonnell] said he included money in his budget amendments and “directed our commissioner of health to start taking some action on those subjects to be able to  formulate some community-based plans for everything from education to other things to be able to reduce these terribly high rates.”

Wait a minute. He wants to reduce the rates of abortion in Virginia with “education.” Didn’t he recently reject free federal money that would have supported comprehensive sex education programs proven to help prevent unintended pregnancy? Yes he did.

At NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, we support the highest standards of care for office-based surgeries. We also support commonsense measures for preventing unintended pregnancy such as comprehensive sex education and access to affordable birth control.

While we support prevention measures, we will not allow extreme, out-of-touch elected officials like Governor McDonnell (and his cohorts Attorney General Cuccinelli and Delegate Bob Marshall) to use women’s reproductive health as ideological bargaining chips!

McDonnell’s statements today remind us why we need pro-choice Virginians to come out and speak up with us and the Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition on January 27 for Pro-Choice Lobby Day! Be sure to register today. We will not let reckless politicians limit access to reproductive health services for women!


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