Is choice on your wish list this year?

At this time of year, we talk a lot about what we’re thankful for and what we value most. If you’re like our team here at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, reproductive freedom – the right to make the full range of personal decisions about your body, your health and your family without government intrusion – is something you hold close to your heart. Choice is something we should cherish every day. But it is not something we in Virginia can afford to take for granted, especially not at this moment in our state’s history.

As you may know, the Virginia General Assembly’s 2011 session will open on January 12, less than three weeks from now.  NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia will be on the ground advocating for important pro-choice legislation on issues such as comprehensive sex education for young people and birth control access for low-income women.

Unfortunately, we also know we will see reproductive freedom vehemently attacked in the General Assembly this year. We expect to see bills aimed at shutting down abortion providers, giving embryos “personhood” status, mandating medically unnecessary ultrasounds, and banning private health insurance coverage for abortion and birth control. We’ve defeated these kinds of anti-choice legislation before, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to do so again.

Our executive director Tarina Keene will be relocating from Northern Virginia to Richmond full-time for the six weeks of the session.  In order for NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia to be most effective, it is crucial that we be in the capital monitoring what’s happening around-the-clock. We’ll be tracking bills, attending committee hearings, providing testimony, meeting with legislators, counting votes, and working to keep pro-choice Virginians like you updated and informed on how you can stand up for choice. It will be an intense six weeks. A lot can happen in the 30 working days that the General Assembly will be in session. It can be good for pro-choice issues,  or it can be devastating.

As you make your year-end contributions, will you give the gift of reproductive freedom by making a donation to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia? Your support is an investment in the future of choice in our state.

With a contribution of $30 (just $1 for each business day the General Assembly will be in session this year), $60 ($2 a day), or $120 ($4 a day), you’ll help pay for everything it will take to run a full-time advocacy operation in Richmond that speaks for pro-choice Virginians like you. Your support will help cover:

  • Creating and distributing materials to educate legislators on choice-related bills
  • Internet and phone access at our temporary Richmond headquarters
  • Press conferences, meetings, and travel expenses
  • Mobilizing activists from all around the state for Pro-Choice Lobby Day on January 27 and throughout the session

Thank you for all of your support this year! We couldn’t have accomplished everything we did this year without you.  Keep checking back here on our blog and at our website for updates throughout the General Assembly session and ways you can get involved to advocate for pro-choice policies and defeat anti-choice legislation.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year from all of us here at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia!


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