Graphic Bullying

Drive down any major road and you might expect to see signs for political campaigns, local ballot measures, or maybe even contractors doing work in the area.  But drivers in Tyson’s Corners recently saw something much more shocking: a few residents carrying signs with pictures of aborted fetuses.  The group responsible for the campaign, Pro-Life Unity, even made a video, available on YouTube, which attempts to justify these shock tactics.

Unfortunately, graphic campaigns to dissuade women from safe, legal abortion are all-but an isolated incident. In fact, candidates in the recent midterm elections even placed such ads on television stations.

What anti-abortion groups who use such graphic tactics don’t seem to see is that reproductive rights activists know what abortion looks like. And, even more, we know what it looked like before the 1970s, and what it still looks like in many countries. It is women terminating their own pregnancies, dying of blood loss or infection. It is back-alley “clinics” where there are no standards of safety or hygiene. We support safe, legal abortions because women deserve to choose when and if they will raise a family. Women should be allowed to make their own reproductive choices without the interference of the government or the bullying of anti-choice groups.

[Thanks to our intern Brett for her work on this post.]


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