Choice News Updates

Here are a couple of choice stories from last week!

Liberty University’s Health Care Lawsuit Is Dismissed

Last Tuesday a federal judge dismissed Liberty University’s lawsuit against the government over the new health care law. The university claimed that the law violated its religious rights because some of the money collected for insurance could be used for abortion, which the Christian school opposes.

This, however, is untrue. In fact, while the health care debate was occurring earlier this year, the White house issued an executive order clearly stating no federal funds would be used for elective abortion services under the health care legislation. Judge Norman K. Moon reminded Liberty University of this fact.

Liberty University’s claim of an “abortion mandate” has been a favorite tactic of anti-choice groups and opponents of health care reform. Judge Moon wrote in his decision that the law “contains strict safeguards at multiple levels to prevent federal funds from being used for abortion services beyond those in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the woman would be endangered.”

Anti-choice organizations and leaders have often muddied the waters by making misleading claims that the health care bill mandates abortion coverage. We will continue to educate the public, in the hope that truth will trump misinformation.

Trust Women, Respect Choice Plates Now Available!

They're Here!

In a recent blog post, we updated you on the status of Virginia’s Trust Women, Respect Choice license plates. At that time, the more than 350 people who pre-ordered the plates were beginning to receive them in the mail. Well, the plates are now officially available for general purchase through the DMV!

If you’ll recall, earlier this year the plate had to go through several hurdles. First, Delegate Gilbert attempted to divert funds raised from the plate to the Pregnant Woman Support Fund, an empty and unused government fund. Fortunately, his amendment was defeated. Then, Governor McDonnell continued to show his anti-choice colors by amending the bill to make sure no proceeds from the plate would go to abortion services even though Planned Parenthood had already made that fact clear. With the hard work of our dedicated activists and supporters (and the threat of a discrimination lawsuit), the license plate bill passed!

Because it is a revenue-sharing plate, after 1000 are sold, $15 of every $25 plate fee will go to the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood and be used to provide essential, preventative women’s health services such as contraception, pap smears, and sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment. That means, the more we have on the roads the more we help low-income women access family planning care through Planned Parenthood.

So, show off the fact that Virginia really is Pro-Choice! Order yours today!

[Thanks to our intern Emily for her work on this post.]


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