Protecting Choice: Interns

At NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia we have three (soon to be four) full-time staff dedicated to fighting for reproductive rights across the over 42,000 square miles of our state. We have high hopes for protecting and promoting choice in the Commonwealth in 2011, but we cannot do it alone! That is why we are putting out our official call for 2011 internships!

Do you find yourself wringing your hands during the General Assembly session every year and wondering what exactly is going on there? Do you get excited when you hear pro-choice activists worked to make Virginia one of only four U.S. states with a pro-choice license plate? If so, we need you! NARAL Virginia is looking for vivacious and tenacious interns to help us promote pro-choice values and prevent anti-choice legislation during 2011’s General Assembly session beginning January 12, 2011. Our interns will also help us bring 500 supporters and activists to the capitol for Pro-Choice Lobby Day. Find out more details!

Money, media and marketing. No, we’re not talking about jobs in Hollywood or New York. We’re talking about our fundraising, special events and social media internship. Development interns assist with donations and membership (so we can continue our amazing programs), fundraising, event planning and keeping NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia on the cutting edge (or “hip” as the kids* say) by updating and writing for our website, blog, Facebook and Twitter. Check it out!

We saw what happened when the anti-choice crowd came out to the polls in the recent midterm elections. Well, now is our time to push back as all 140 Virginia General Assembly seats are up for grabs in 2011! We currently have a mixed-choice Senate and an anti-choice House of Delegates. We must protect the Senate to make sure we can continue to expand pro-choice policies for the coming years! Help us with our statewide, grassroots efforts beginning in the summer of 2011. Political junkies click here.

All internships are based primarily in our Washington, D.C. office and are unpaid. However, we do provide a travel stipend, a great community and hands-on experience for our interns!

Hear what current and former interns say:

“My favorite part of my internship was researching and collecting data for the Crisis Pregnancy Center project, which resulted in the “Crisis Pregnancy Centers Revealed” report. Not only was it a learning experience, but it helped me feel like I was making a difference in women’s lives and really taking a stand for women’s reproductive health. Being a part of this research made my internship experience at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia truly memorable.”

“I love the laid back atmosphere of the office and the responsibility we have to get things done without constant supervision.  Plus our fantastic boss, Joey, of course!” [Editor’s Note: Joey did not write this quote.]

Former interns have gone on to work on Capitol Hill, with national family planning groups, at think tanks, on farms in Oregon and have travelled to Mexico. We prepare you for anything!**

So check out the website or email Joey or Caroline to apply today!


*Not sure which kids from which decade.

**But not everything.



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