Twelve Months

In one year, Virginians will go to the polls for an election that is critical to the future of choice in the Commonwealth.

Last week, we saw how just one election could dramatically decrease the number of pro-choice members of the United States Congress, putting women’s reproductive freedom at risk.

With a serious battle to protect choice looming on the state level in Virginia, it is imperative that we don’t allow the same thing to happen here.  We already face an anti-choice House of Delegates and only a slim mixed-choice advantage in the state Senate – leaving no room for error in next November’s 2011 General Assembly election.

It will be a tough twelve months, but NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia will be working hard all year long to ensure that the voice of pro-choice Virginians like you is heard. The only thing standing in our way is making sure that we’ll have the resources necessary to face an electoral and legislative anti-choice onslaught in 2011.

We know you share our mission. Now, we need your commitment. Will you join in our fight to protect reproductive freedom by becoming a “GEM for Choice”?

By giving every month, you can be sure that NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has the resources we’ll need to stand up for reproductive rights in the Commonwealth. Your monthly contributions of as little as $10, $15, or $25 can make a huge impact over the course of a year by providing a reliable and cost-effective stream of funding to support our work.

There’s no question that the coming year will bring significant attacks on reproductive choice in Virginia. Even before the election next fall, we know there will be a barrage of anti-choice legislation proposed when the 2011 General Assembly session begins in January. And with the anti-choice team of Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in charge, there’s no telling what other attacks could come on Virginians’ access to abortion, birth control, and comprehensive sex education.

There will be challenges over these next twelve months, but I know that with your support, we can face them head-on and stand up for reproductive freedom. I hope you’ll become a GEM for Choice today – not only will we be assured that we have the resources we need to fight in 2011, but you’ll know that your money is being used every day to protect choice in Virginia.

Please sign up today!

P.S. Even if you can’t commit to being a GEM for Choice monthly donor today, please make a special one-time contribution to support our work as we head into this important General Assembly session in January. Thanks for your support!


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