Ending deceptive practices, one CPC at a time

This ad probably does not give you the help you are looking for.

In fact, this ad is not a health care provider at all. Yet, “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) do their best to pretend they are. They do their best to trick people into their doors often only to present them with lies and shame.

But we’re doing something to change that.

Nearly 400 of you stood up against the deception and signed our petition asking a new CPC in Chesterfield, Virginia to break the mold and reject the misinformation, shaming, and other deceptive practices of CPCs around the state.

And guess what? We just took a step forward.

Following our petition campaign, the Chesterfield CPC has a disclaimer on its homepage saying it does not provide or refer for birth control or abortion!

This may seem like a small accomplishment. However, at a time when CPCs actively mislead women about what services they provide, this is one step in the right direction  toward ending deceptive practices and ensuring that CPCs are honest and upfront in their communication. And we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks!

This victory goes to show that, by keeping the pressure on and continuing to raise awareness, we can ensure that women and couples facing unintended pregnancies can access accurate information and know which facilities will provide them with medically based and unbiased information, referrals, and counseling for all pregnancy options; and which ones will not.

You can help raise continued awareness of CPCs in Virginia by:

Contact joey@naralva.org if you have any questions about getting more involved.

Thanks again for all you do to promote reproductive justice in Virginia!


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