A Worst Case Scenario: It Could Happen Here (Action Alert!)

Using lawn care standards to limit access to reproductive health care? They’ve done it before.

In recent years, anti-choice lawmakers in states such as South Carolina have used strategic laws to attack abortion providers and restrict women’s abortion access. These laws include everything from mandates that facilities have hallways wide enough for two gurneys to pass side-by-side (something not required of similar outpatient doctor’s offices) to regulations on the type of grass that can be out front of a clinic!

Now Virginia is poised to follow.

We can’t let the Cuccinelli-McDonnell anti-choice team close down abortion providers in our state. Call on the governor to oppose this move.

Last week, we told you that Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli declared that the state’s Board of Health has the authority to impose strict and medically unnecessary regulations on abortion providers that could potentially force the majority of our state’s providers to close their doors.

Rather than standing up for women’s health, Governor McDonnell supports Cuccinelli’s position.

We must keep the pressure on the governor. So far, nearly 700 of you asked Governor McDonnell not to allow the Board of Health to issue the same kind of restrictions on abortion providers that the legislature has refused to approve for the past eight years.

Help us reach our goal of 1,000 emails by Friday. If you haven’t yet contacted the governor, please email him today to make your voice heard. If you have, forward this message to your friends and family.

A recent article in The Virginian-Pilot reported that the kinds of anti-choice restrictions on abortion providers called for by Cuccinelli are similar to the laws in states such as South Carolina.

After failing to pass these types of attacks on abortion providers through the General Assembly in the past, the McDonnell-Cuccinelli team is sidestepping the legislature and is pushing this anti-choice and anti-woman agenda through the state Board of Health.

The consequences could be serious. After the measure took place in South Carolina, several providers were forced to close their doors. In Virginia, 17 of our 21 providers could be forced to close, leaving women without access to reproductive care.

We need to keep the pressure up and let the governor and attorney general know that Virginians won’t stand for their use of the Board of Health to play politics with women’s rights and health.

For choice,

Tarina Keene
Executive Director

P.S.:  Support from our members is what allows us to fight back against this and other attacks on reproductive choice in Virginia. Please help us continue this work by making a contribution today. We can’t do it without you!


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