Pro-choice and pro-woman

You have spoken up Virginia. In only two weeks, nearly 400 of our dedicated supporters and activists have signed our petition encouraging the new Chesterfield County crisis pregnancy center to commit to higher standards of accountability. You are by now familiar with our simple challenge to the “Pregnancy Help Center of Chester”:

Be honest and upfront in advertising and other communication with women.

Share only scientifically and medically accurate information.

Support comprehensive, science-based sex education in their community.

That’s it. This is not a difficult task. Any group that claims to support and assist women should have no problem being upfront with medically accurate, honest information and with what services one does and does not provide. A recent article in TIME Magazine has CPCs pretending to be victims. We know better. We know from our in-depth investigation of CPCs throughout Virginia, that they overwhelmingly promote inaccurate information (such as “all condoms have holes,” and abortion will lead to breast cancer), and purposely advertise as comprehensive health providers when they are anything but. Attempting to convince every woman to carry her pregnancy to term no matter what her circumstances in life or personal convictions, and supporting abstinence as the only acceptable contraceptive method is not comprehensive care. It is, plain and simple, bullying and insensitive propagation of ideology.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia believes that the women of the commonwealth deserve better. We believe that all women deserve comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased information when making decisions about carrying a pregnancy to term. Some women will choose to carry the pregnancy to term and raise the child; some will choose to carry the pregnancy to term and place the child for adoption; some will choose to terminate the pregnancy. All of these women deserve the right to information and to make their own choice.

Choice is about trusting women. Simple as that. If we believe in the equality of women, and trust that women can and should decide what is best for their own lives, then we support the myriad of choices available to women concerning pregnancy. We support access to and information about all contraceptive methods, sex education, pre-, peri-, and post-natal care, adoption services, abortion services, paid family leave, access to areas for breastfeeding when returning to work after a pregnancy, and many more. Pro-choice is pro-woman, pro-family, pro-information.

This why challenging the “Pregnancy Help Center of Chester” specifically, and CPCs generally, is so important. We trust women, but we must fight to ensure that women have access to accurate and unbiased sources of information. Rhetoric and passion are necessary, but access is essential. Women must be able to go to comprehensive, full service medical providers, not misleading, ideology-based fake “clinics.”

Will the Chester CPC answer the challenge? Will they say and show that they trust women? Or will they be part of the same detrimental, anti-woman dogma? Let’s find out together. Help us protect choice in Virginia and raise awareness of CPCs by:

Contact us at if you have any questions about getting more involved.

Yours in choice.


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