Time magazine misses some key points in story about CPCs

A brand-new TIME article about “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) mentioned our nearly year-long, substantive investigation into identifiable CPCs in the commonwealth of Virginia. If you haven’t read the report, be sure to check out all our findings for yourself. We are excited that national media like TIME magazine are highlighting the amazing work of our volunteers and staff to stop these deceptive facilities. But we don’t think the article painted the whole picture about our amazing work.

Crisis pregnancy centers are deceptive facilities. They purposefully mislead and overwhelmingly provide inaccurate information to women concerning pregnancy-related options. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and our supporters and volunteers have worked arduously to promote accurate and science based information and access to all resources for pregnant women. We have worked to ensure that the Virginia “Choose Life” license plate revenue does not go to suspect (and potentially non-existent) entities. (The Washington Post published an article that exposed how one CPC getting money doesn’t even exist.) We have worked to ensure that college campuses do not refer students to centers that will not provide medically accurate information. We have worked to ensure that CPCs do not utilize deception and evasion to trick people into coming into their facilities, by asking student health centers and the state legislature to support and promote policies that simply ask CPCs to be honest about what services they do (and do NOT) provide. This should not be difficult for any organization that truly has nothing to hide.

In addition to this work that we have, and will continue to do, we are challenging any new crisis pregnancy centers to hold themselves accountable. When we learned of a new CPC opening in Chesterfield County, Virginia, we launched a petition asking that the clinic hold themselves to a higher standard and commit to being honest and upfront in their advertising and other communication with women, sharing only scientifically and medically accurate information, and supporting comprehensive, science-based sex education in their community.

As we said from the beginning, no matter where a person stands on the issue of abortion, no one believes women should be mislead about their health-care options.

We will continue to work for the people of Virginia to make sure they have access to accurate information, access to and knowledge of all their options, and access to all choices, whatever they deem appropriate for their own lives.

We are pro-choice  Virginia!

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  1. Amber's friend Samantha O says:

    It would be helpful if you could link to the Time article in question (if it’s available on their website) and if you would explain why the article failed to paint “the whole picture.” Including some context will make your argument stronger.

    And…now I sound like a disapproving English teacher.

    Thanks for the post. and the work you all do! Obviously.

    1. prochoiceva says:

      Thanks! Sorry for the omission of the article. You can find it at http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2008846,00.html

      We believe the article did not give a good sense of the scope of deceptive practices and misinformation of CPCs we detailed in our report.

      Thanks so much for the suggestions and support!

  2. ElleBeMe says:

    You know, I was not all that impressed with the documentary. OODLES of time was spent filming the “crisis” center and the issues they deal with. I found very little rebuttal or equal time given to the clinic. The stories of the women who came in were quite helpful, but the closing sequence of the spanish-speaking girl heading accross the street made it seem like the efforts the anti-choicers undergo is worth it in the end. I didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling for the pro-choice cause after watching it. If anything, I saw a better funded, more organized organization coericing women into their political agenda.

    I don’t want abortions for anyone, unless they want them…but what that doco showed me is that there is plenty of support for those who decide to “choose life” Where was the support for the clinic?

    One question that was never asked of the antis was this…”If abortion were made illegal today, what would you be doing to ensure that women seeking abortion would go the other way? Would you still be as supportive of ‘choosing life’ when women had no other safe, legal option to terminate?

    So many questions….

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