Will Virginia’s newest “crisis pregnancy center” tell the truth?

There are at least 52 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in Virginia (See a map here). There are less than half that many comprehensive reproductive health clinics in the state. It’s a sad state of affairs when anti-choice, dishonest, fake clinics outnumber actual providers, especially for the women who are seeking unbiased, accurate healthcare information.

We are sad to report that another CPC is coming to our state. Calling themselves the “Pregnancy Help Center of Chesterfield,” the CPC plans to open in Chesterfield, Virginia (between Richmond and Petersburg) this fall.

We don’t know if this CPC plans to follow in the footsteps of the majority of CPCs across the country but we strongly hope for an honest center that truly aims to help the women they serve, without providing medically inaccurate information and relying on deception and scare-tactics.

Our own study of crisis pregnancy centers had 68% of all Virginian CPCs sharing false information, a congressional study found 87% sharing false information, and many other states have had similar investigations and results.

On the facebook page devoted to the new Chesterfield CPC, one of the organizers writes, “There were more than 700 babies aborted in our county in 2008. An average of 25 girls per each of our 11 high schools got pregnant.” To us, this suggests the need for science-based, comprehensive sex education!

Maybe this CPC can be different and actually advocate for science-based comprehensive sex education, and provide clients with birth control and other contraceptives. Maybe this CPC will break from the norm and provide clients seeking services with access to condoms and true information about all options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

We’re putting them up to that challenge. Will you join us? Sign our petition and send it along to a friend! Let’s change the statistics of Chesterfield and hope this new CPC to a new standard!


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