And the Crisis Pregnancy Center Road Tour Comes to Burke

Here's a flier for the CPC directly across the street from George Mason University. This flier very intentionally misleads women to believe this is a medical facility offering unbiased counseling, STI testing and pregnancy tests.

We’re continuing on in our Crisis Pregnancy Center Road Tour and made a stop yesterday in Burke (photos to follow shortly!) We were invited to present to Burke area residents by one of our wonderful members who invited us into her home.

We were lucky to be joined by not only our hosts, but several  fellow Virginians seeking to learn more about these deceptive facilities in their own communities, as well as 100% Pro-Choice Champion, Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn, who represents the 41st District in Virginia.

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s Deputy Director, Emily Polak, presented the findings of NARAL’s year long investigation into CPC’s in Virginia revealing a disturbing trend of misinformation being provided to women seeking help. In the investigation, we discovered three crisis pregnancy centers in the Burke area (Fairfax and Annandale)that give false information to women: Assist Crisis Pregnancy Center, Life Choices Resource Center, and SLM Pregnancy Help Center.

Given that we were just down the road from George Mason University, the attendees had a great conversation about making sure George Mason students know about the deceptive CPCs in their community. Most importantly, we’re hoping to work with George Mason’s health center in the near future since they currently refer students worried about an unintended pregnancy to crisis pregnancy centers!

Again, let us say that no matter how someone feels about abortion, we think we should all be able to agree on the fact that all women- all Virginians- deserve real information about their reproductive health in order to make educated decisions. And it’s not helping anyone when these fake clinics tell women that condoms have holes, much like our investigators heard at the CPC in Annandale when they were told that “STD germs go right through the holes in condoms.”


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