Pro-Choice Volcanoes!

Ok, so maybe it’s a slight exaggeration but the ‘pro-choice volcano’ is keeping Lt. Governor from making it back from a trip to Italy in order to vote on the budget tomorrow. And included in the budget is one particularly egregious amendment that Governor McDonnell offered to defund Medicaid for women whose pregnancies endanger their own health or are resulting in severe fetal abnormalities.

We’re counting on the Senate to defeat this amendment by a simple majority vote so if you have yet to contact your Senator, please do so right now! Let her/him know that all women- regardless of financial status- deserve access to reproductive health care.

And here’s where the pro-choice volcano comes in. We’re hopeful that should we not have enough Senators to vote against this intrusive and offensive amendment, we do have at least enough to support a tied-vote. In the case of a tie, the Lt. Gov is called upon to cast the tie-breaking vote. But Lt. Gov. Bolling is stuck in Italy at the moment and it’s looking unlikely that he’ll make it back in time to deny women their reproductive rights!


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