2010 Legislative Victories!

Despite an overwhelmingly anti-choice legislative body – we’re out-numbered by more than two to one – we finished the 2010 legislative session with several major victories!

First, we defeated more than five anti-choice and anti-woman bills this year! Thanks to the work of our pro-choice allies in the House and Senate, we stopped:

  • Additional onerous regulations from being imposed on abortion providers 
  • Additional mandates that require women seeking abortion care to receive biased information 
  • Mandatory ultrasounds to ‘determine gestational age’ 
  • Zygotes from getting constitutional rights, which would have banned abortion 
  • Ob-gyn students from being denied the opportunity to learn how to provide abortion.

Defeating those five bills allows us to maintain the status-quo in Virginia, which, given this anti-choice climate, is a hard-won victory!

We also defeated two anti-choice budget amendments. One would have denied Planned Parenthood from receiving state funding for reproductive-health care services, and the other would have denied Medicare funding for low-income women who need abortion care.

Most incredible, though, is the long-awaited creation of the “Trust Women: Respect Choice” license plate. After a heated back and forth between the Senate and the House and two attempts to deny Planned Parenthood funding, the plate will most likely go into effect as originally intended: funds from sales will help pay for reproductive-health and prevention services.

We say most likely because the license plate is now in the hands of Governor Bob McDonnell. While the governor has stated that all license plates should be treated the same, he has also insisted that he opposes state funding for abortion services – even though license plate sales will not go to abortion care.

We’re left nervously awaiting his decision. Please take five minutes and call the governor’s office at (804) 786-2211 and register your support for the “Trust Women: Respect Choice” license plate and accompanying Planned Parenthood funding stream.

The session ended on a strong note for women and families all over the Commonwealth – help us secure this one last victory!


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