Letter to the Editor in Washington Post!

Check out the letter to the editor one of our members wrote to the Washington Post about the biased and unprecedented amendment to the ‘Trust Women: Respect Choice’ license plate! Way to go Lisa!

Let women decide

By Lisa O’Quinn

I am writing in response to the Virginia House of Delegates’ vote to reallocate the money paid by Virginia League of Planned Parenthood supporters to a fund to support pregnant women [“Split over plate for Planned Parenthood,” Virginia Politics, Feb. 17].

Hundreds of supporters of Planned Parenthood have already paid $25 to the license-plate fund to support pregnancy prevention services. We have just as much right as any other group to have a license plate promoting our beliefs, especially since we supported this effort with our own money. I certainly hope the House reverses its decision, but if it does not, I wholeheartedly support efforts by abortion rights advocates to take this issue to court.

House members say that they voted their consciences, but I view their decision as an act of deceit and robbery. Do these members not trust women to make their own decisions about their money or their bodies?



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