Special Election on March 2!

Special Election March 2nd!

After the exciting pro-choice win in the 37th State Senate District, we have another special election on March 2nd to fill the seat vacated by Senator David Marsden.

Today, we were proud to endorse Eileen Filler-Corn for the 41st House of Delegates special election on March 2nd!

From her website:

Eileen Filler-Corn has been a resident of Fairfax County for 20 years and a resident of Springfield for the last 15. She and her husband Bob have two children, Jeremy (15) and Alana (13).

For five years, Eileen was on the PTA board for Fairfax County Public Schools. She became involved because both of her kids are students of our public schools and she wanted to give back to the community.

Eileen served in the Warner and Kaine administrations in the Governor’s Liaison office in Washington, D.C. She worked across party lines with Virginia’s Congressional delegation and members of the Governor’s cabinet. She advised the Governors on state and federal relations and chaired the National Governors’ Association Executive Committee Staff Advisory Council during Governor Warner’s term.

Currently, Eileen works with several high tech companies to bring jobs to Virginia, and work with those companies to become engaged in our community through public-private partnerships.

In addition to her excellent credentials, Eileen Filler-Corn is a solidly pro-choice leader who will support measures to prevent unintended pregnancy and reduce the need for abortions while protecting the right of all Virginians to access reproductive healthcare.

With the House of Delegates thoroughly anti-choice, Eileen Filler-Corn is a much needed representative for women and families throughout the Commonwealth!

This session, the Virginia House of Delegates has:

  • Killed legislation to regulate state license plate funded Crisis Pregnancy Centers.
  • Passed legislation forcing women to be given information “that describe the unborn child and list agencies that offer alternatives to abortion,” as well as information about medical assistance and child support from “the father.”
  • Passed legislation that would force abortion providers to be licensed as “ambulatory surgery centers;” this would impose restrictions on the architecture, staffing, and equipment requirements that are unrelated to the safety of first-trimester abortions and would force centers to close or to make abortions prohibitively expensive.
  • Passed legislation that would force women seeking abortions to have a medically unnecessary ultrasounds, increasing both the cost and time of the abortion.
  • Amended the “Trust Women, Support Choice License Plate Bill to strip the funds earmarked for Planned Parenthood’s preventative services (for more information on this, see our blog post)

Eileen Filler-Corn’s election to the House of Delegates is crucial to protect reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth–VOTE on MARCH 2ND for EILEEN FILLER-CORN!


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  1. Erica says:

    i was wondering if there are any groups that go and ‘protest’ against the pro life supporters at ‘planned parenthood’ facilities? Theres is a new facility, that is even completely constructed and there are already protesters there! thats just wrong! i am totally against it and i am tired of just yelling things at them everyday. isnt there something we can do. i would love to rally right next to them for pro choice!!!

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