Choice Wins Big in 37th District Special Election!

Congratulations Senator David Marsden!

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia couldn’t be happier with the results of Tuesday, January 12th’s Special Election, and is proud to stand behind newly elected, 100% pro-choice Senator David Marsden, who we endorsed in early December.

As a Delegate, David Marsden proudly supported reproductive rights and healthcare, and we know he’ll continue to do the same as state senator in the 37th distrist, Ken Cuccinelli’s former seat. With Senator Marsden’s election, we now have 20 100% pro-choice senators protecting and fighting for reproductive health!

We wanted to take a moment to examine the role choice, common sense prevention and access to reproductive healthcare played in this pivotal election.

Steve Hunt, Senator Marsden’s opponent was a vocal anti-choice extremist, touting his position as a abstinence-only speaker in the school system as well as his role serving as President and Board Chair of Assist Crisis Pregnancy Center, which has told women seeking reproductive healthcare that condoms have holes!

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is proud to see that voters in the district said no to these values, and instead elected a senator commited to common-sense prevention and healthcare. In case you missed it, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia was featured in this Washington Post article about Steve Hunt and his connection with Assist Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Congratulations Senator Marsden and thank you voters of the 37th district for voting your pro-choice and pro-prevention values!


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